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Mamma Sally’s in Crystal River

We visited Mama Sally’s restaurant at 1960 U.S. 19 in Crystal River on 19 December 2009. This was our first visit to Mama Sally’s. For our new readers, Tampa Bay Breakfasts will occasionally travel to the Levy-Citrus-Marion tri-county area for breakfast because there’s grandparents up there!


Before we got into Mama Sally’s for pancakes, we had a bit of a run-in with a little monkey. Marek and The Roadside Wonder had a private conversation. It seemed to be along the lines of, please don’t eat my dad, O great primate! Or maybe they traded recipes for banana bread. Whatever it was, it went on, with Marek nodding his head a lot.


The Great Ape took Marek as his own, and Marek decided maybe having a Gorilla as a dad, or a mom for all we know, wouldn’t be that bad. They made plans to live in the jungle and eat chicken nuggets and fries, the way all monkeys do.


Then we practiced making monkey sounds. And faces. We saw Jane Goodall at a seminar one time a few years back. She didn’t do any of this.


That was a harrowing experience. We worked up an APPETITE! Let’s get inside Mama Sally’s. Which is just next door to what is now known as The Enormous Gorilla of Crystal River.


Right away we started having a good time. This car got a lot of miles on the odo this morning!


This was a special treat breakfast! Grandma joined us as a guest reviewer! We love having breakfast with Grandma!


We had coffee, too. This is the best part about Mama Sally’s — your cup never goes empty! For those of us with CCD, this is important! (Chronic Coffee Deficiency)


We had breakfast. Some pretty good blueberry pancakes, bacon, and very buttery eggs. Marek had a pancake that he didn’t eat because he was too busy trying to play.


Our esteemed Guest Reviewer had the omelet and pronounced it to be good.


When we were done, Marek said he would pay the bill. Then he took the money and just put it back on the table. Really, he just wanted to play with Grandma and didn’t want to do much else!


When we were done, Marek showed Grandma the way to the parking lot. He’s such a little Boy Scout. Of course, she wasn’t ready and didn’t want to go to the parking lot, but he made sure to help her get there.


The bill for three was just under a Jackson. The chow was good, though I felt the pancakes were a bit small for the price. Grandma was there, which was Good. Marek didn’t eat a thing, which was Not Good. The people were very friendly and the coffee was the right shade of obsidian. Locals filled the place, and people seemed to know each other’s names. I felt that the chow was a 3 or 3.5 and the overall non-chow experience was a 4. If I’d ever made a quarter-pancake picture for the ratings, we’d probably call it 3.75. But it’s Christmas and everyone was so nice, so let’s call it 4.

We’re pleased to give Mama Sally’s a Tampa Bay Breakfast rating of four pancakes.


Enormous Gorilla says, “Andy and Marek are groovy monkeys! Especially Marek!”