Inglis/Yankeetown Lions Club Pancake Breakfast

It’s Valentine’s Day! What did YOU do for your true loves? Did you consider breakfast as one of the best, most appreciated, and cost-effective ways to say “Baby, I loves you like pancakes!”? I surely did. Me and Marek, we took mom to the Inglis/Yankeetown Lions Club Pancake Breakfast at the Lion’s Club at 22 59th St. in Yankeetown.


We saw the sign on the highway: “Pancake Breakfast $5” It’s a sign worth following!


When we got to the front, we were greeted with good news! There’s pancakes behind THIS door!


Here’s something cool. Marek and I walked in the door and the nice lady says, out of the blue, “Are you Andy?” I says back, “Why yes ma’am, I am.” She says, “Is that Baby Inglis?” I says, “Yes ma’am, he is.” She says to us “Your breakfast is already taken care of. Come on in!” Wow. That is the first time we’ve ever been told when we walked in the door that breakfast was complimentary. We felt like celebrities! We got ready for a great breakfast with the Lions! (Marek’s middle name is Inglis, for our readers who are just tuning in. Around south Levy County that’s his nickname. I’m sure he’ll truly hate it when he’s ten, but for the moment he’s only two so he doesn’t get a say in the situation.)


We were in for a real treat this morning. Grandma and Grandpaw joined us for breakfast!


Our favorite guest reviewer, Mom, joined us too.


And here comes breakfast! This is one of the finest breakfasts you’ll find in Yankeetown, the tri-county-area, or even in our whole Tampa Bay Breakfasts territory. I’ve got nothing but good to say about any of this most excellent chow! Even the coffee was exactly the way I like it, black as the tannin-stained water of the Withlacoochee River.


When we were done we went back in the kitchen to thank our Breakfast Benefactor and Yankeetown Vice Mayor Doug for the great breakfast. Also in the back is our friend, Yankeetown Councilman and I/Y Lions Club president Larry. Thanks, guys, and to all the Lions, for the invitation and a great breakfast!


While we were hanging out in the kitchen, we also ran into Levy County Commissioner Marsha! For the record, Marsha still owes me a pie.


Marek says, dad, where’s Yankeetown Mayor Dawn-Marie? I want to show her how I can try to do backflips in your arms while you’re trying to talk! Over here, son. Show her your squirmy best.


When it was all said and done, me and Marek, A.K.A. Baby Inglis, met lots of our Yankeetown friends and we had a superb breakfast with our first five-pancake review of 2010! We’d like to thank the Lion’s Club for inviting us and for putting on such a fine Valentine’s Day breakfast.


We’re pleased to award The Inglis/Yankeetown Lions Club Valentine’s Day Pancake Breakfast with a Tampa Bay Breakfasts rating of five pancakes!


A few notes about today’s breakfast. First, did you catch my fabulous “University of Inglis” shirt? The Fighting Devils! Folks are probably starting to forget the fun we had a few years back with our Satan Issue. Also, I wanted to wear an Inglis shirt both in honor of my main man Marek “Baby Inglis” but also in small protest against this foolishness.

Here’s something that most folks probably don’t know. 15 years ago today I “popped the question” to Baby Inglis’s mom, at sunset on a rickety old dock in Cedar Key. We got married in Yankeetown 15 years ago on July 4th and had our wedding reception right here in this Lions Club clubhouse. Now how’s THAT for Valentine’s Day romance?


And here’s what the same spot looked like 14 1/2 years ago. Check out our red, white, and blue theme (and my particular shade of blue).


Marek went home with Grandma and Grandpaw while our Favorite Guest Reviewer and I rolled up to Cedar Key to recreate the moment. There’s the dock behind her where the proposal Deed was Done.


And the spot of our first meal as fiancees. Sadly, it was closed. We’ve actually never caught it open since we ate there on Valentine’s in 1995, which is a real bummer.


But when we DID have supper there on the proposal night, the prospective groom did not actually have any money. I had to leave my lovely bride as collateral while I ran to the island’s only (at the time) ATM to pay our bill. If my account had been empty, Heather would have become the property of the Cook’s Kitchen restaurant and we’d not have Marek and our 15 years of true love. For your entertainment, here’s a recreation.


Now those are some great Valentine’s Days! Both in 1995 and 2010! (Oh, and also all the others in between were groovy, too!)

3 thoughts on “Inglis/Yankeetown Lions Club Pancake Breakfast

  1. John Carr


    Now I am hungry for pancakes!!! Love it that they were ready for you when you got there. I have never had that happen before. The Lions club looks just like the same one in Iowa back home. Looks like a grand ol time my friend.

    John in Deutschland


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