Mamas on North Florida

We visited Mamas Kitchen Family Restaurant at 9312 N Florida Ave on April 18th.   Mamas also has a location on Dale Mabry in south Tampa.  Both locations make a good breakfast at a reasonable price and the people are always very friendly.  Marek and I visit the Florida Avenue location regularly.


We had breakfast.  Marek was distracted and didn’t eat much. The pancakes were very good. The eggs were nicely done. The bacon was a bit greasy and oddly stuck together in a sheet. The coffee was just right, even though we had a major coffee spill event while rolling a Matchbox car back and forth.


One of the neat things about Mamas is mural of the lions.   The lion is a tie in to the Greek origins of the family who run the restaurants.


The best part about the Florida Avenue location is Vicky.  Marek loves Vicky.


We give this Tampa Bay Breakfast a rating of 4.5 pancakes.


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3 thoughts on “Mamas on North Florida

  1. Denise Kelly

    Reading this enlightened me … the next time I see Marek I’ll be armed with pancakes. Maybe then he’ll let me hold him! = )


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