The Pink Flamingo

This kid would melt Stalin’s heart.


We re-visited The Pink Flamingo on 1 May 2010. Our first visit was on 7 June 2009, almost a year ago. That’s a lotta pancakes under the bridge.


We had a great breakfast and Marek went inside to pay the bill.


In order to truly understand his state of mind at this moment, we have to take a Rod Serling-esque trip back in time. To this.


We had great pancakes today. Really, The Pink Flamingo is in the running for the 2010 Breakfast of the Year award. This is a prestigious award won last year by Skyway Jacks.


Is that the Pancake-Powered Race Car? What’s that dog doing in there?


Now I’m going to tell you, The Pink Flamingo’s banana/walnut pancakes really rock. They are fabo, as the kids say these days. But the blueberry pancakes … well, any time a pancake is doctored up after the fact with blueberry goo on top, that’s just not the same thing. These were fine pancakes, but not the kind of inspired work you find in banana/walnut artistry. Steve, you’d not have liked this bacon at all.


Did Marek grow a lot of body hair this morning?


The coffee was just right. And while we did see the bottom of the cup a couple of times, the situation never lasted long enough to be dire. Marek likes him some coffee, folks.


When he doesn’t get his coffee in the morning, he looks like this. It’s rough.


I mean he REALLY likes his coffee!


Who let that dog in here? This is a breakfast restaurant, not a dog park! Crazy people!


While we waited, we played cars. We always have us some cars handy, just in case a drag race breaks out!


Holy moly! That’s OUR DOG! Zimno, The Chaotic Hound. Well-behaved at an outdoor breakfast restaurant, no doubt due to the power-steering collar he’s sporting. Incredible!


This was another great breakfast at The Pink Flamingo! Great chow, nice people, wonderful location. And we brought our four-legs for his first ever Tampa Bay Breakfast. The price was a little high at 14 zlotys, as we’ve noted before, but not so much as to take away from any of the high points.


We really dig The Pink Flamingo!


We’re pleased to re-affirm last year’s rating of four and a half pancakes for this fine Tampa Bay Breakfast!


Out on Davis Island there’s a great dog park. We took all six legs (two for Marek and four for Zimno) out there to play after breakfast. This is Marek with a guy who is not me.


And this is Marek with a dog that is not Zimno.


Who knows what’s going on here…


And we wrapped it all up with an apple.


1 thought on “The Pink Flamingo

  1. Brianna

    My girls and I always talk about going to Davis Island for a meal… we never know where to go. ;/ This past weekend we went the the Pink Flamingo based on your recommendation!

    Good stuff!! Thanks for getting us on Davis Island!


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