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We visited the Three Coins Diner at 7410 N Nebraska Ave on May 30th. Breakfast is very reasonably priced. The special “Club Breakfast” for $5.50 is a really good deal. We’ve been to the Three Coins a bunch of times and we’ve always come away happy. The restaurant also has a web site at


We had breakfast. As our cheerful readers know, we’ve been having a downward slide in our overall happiness with breakfasts. I’m going to be honest with you here. We chose the Three Coins today as a ringer. We knew it would be great, and, frankly, we didn’t want to take any chances. The Three Coins didn’t disappoint. The bacon was good. The eggs were proper (*). And the pancakes… I would like to remind you that we’re highly experienced Pancake Professionals … the pancakes were Just Right.


Wait, you say, what about the coffee?

The coffee meets all grade-A parameters: burning hot, black, bitter, bottomless.


But Andy, you say, did Marek have his coffee? Why yes, he did. He’s the only kid I know who likes salted coffee. I think he’ll be starting a trend.


We both enjoy a good coffee in the morning.


The Three Coins has a nice lunch counter. It’s full of regulars, and we’ve never been there where there wasn’t a table full of local cops. If it’s good enough for Tampa’s Finest, it’s good enough for us!


So what’s unique about Three Coins? It’s open 24 hours and is a police favorite. It’s also in a little bit of a sketchy neighborhood. But there’s nothing like Mama’s murals or Martha’s catfish or Nicko’s Elvis. It’s just a really good place that’s close to our house and full of nice folks. We just like the Three Coins a lot.


When we were done, Marek paid the bill.


He executed a military search pattern on the terrain and found the register by way of a shortcut through the lunch counter.


We were all set to give the Three Coins a four-pancake rating. The food’s great, the people are great, but it is missing the “unique” factor and all. Then Marek got a pop with the change. That changes everything.


As the entire Tampa Bay Area knows by now, Marek likes him some lollipops. And a happy Marek is a guaranteed great rating. And this is a Happy Marek.


We’re pleased to give the Three Coins Diner a four and a half pancake rating.


(*) “Proper” in the M.C. Hammer sense of the word

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1 thought on “Three Coins Diner

  1. Kimberly

    Andy and Marek –

    Mark and I made a visit to Three Coins this morning for breakfast and we weren’t disappointed (just like you said)!! Mark had the biscuits and gravy with two sunny side eggs on top and I had their breakfast tortilla wrap with grits!! My serving size was huge…couldn’t eat it all but Mark could have had another serving of his food! He was HUNGRY!! As you said, coffee was delicious!! We even ran into an old friend of ours there. Staff was courteous and attentive! They said it would be a fifteen minute wait for a table but it ended up being faster than that! Thanks for the rating/recommendation. We certainly will be back. We usually go to Mom’s Place… so this was a really nice change. Can’t wait to try their french toast!!!


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