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Here’s a little known fact about Marek. If you go up to him and say, “I took her by the hand and my heart was thumpin'” then he will goofy grin and say, “hey man, you crazy or something?” Seriously, he does. Try it.

Kids these days, they say the cutest things.


We got in the pancake mobile, which is actually a 1967 VW bus with a paint job that makes it look like a 7th-generation Toyota Celica. That’s a good paint job.

“Take a picture of my sticker, dad, take a picture!” So I took a picture of his sticker. What would you do? You’d probably take a picture of his sticker, too.


We visited the Fireplace Restaurant at 12580 Seminole Boulevard in Largo on 1 August 2010. The Fireplace was a recommendation from TBB Fan Melanie.


Inside was very welcoming. We got a string of hellos from everyone we met. Along the way we heard folks being greeted as “sweetie” and “you want the usual?” Our most excellent readers will recognize, as surely as Blue Oyster Cult is followed by Bob Dylan on the iPOD, that it’s a Good Sign when folks get called sweetie and get offered the usual.

Also, I don’t have an iPOD and neither does Marek, I just wanted to plug Blue Oyster Cult and also to suggest that we can all use more cowbell.


We had coffee. It hit the spot. The spot is, obviously, that bold bitter hole in the stomach that preens without hot battery acid, and aches with it. That spot that cries for good, hot diner coffee. This hit the spot. It also hit Marek’s spot.


We didn’t play cars this morning. I know, that must sound terrible, like if I had said that the family fish died (they did) or that Marek’s mother was pregnant with twins (she’s not, thank goodness). But we played trains instead.


This morning’s table became a busy bee hive of railway activity. Much like the Island of Sodor, which, if you’ve ever paid any serious attention at all (ehem, New York Times Editorial Page, ehem), seems to have a truly vast number of tank engines for a land mass that’s apparently no larger than Davis Island.

This morning we had Sir Handel in charge. I personally find the concept of these anthropomorphic locomotives with early-childhood mentalities being used for hard labor to be pretty chilling. And they’re rather freaky to look at, too.


Thank goodness breakfast came before I got all caught up in “social commentary.” Jeez, do I ever shut up?



I have to give a shout-out to my groovy T, a thoughtful present from former TBB Guest Reviewer Arthur. Arthur knows that I have taken a few photographs of pies I have eaten.

I feel the need to mention at this point that I am not a nutcase.


These were some good pancakes! I thought the bacon was average, but that suited Marek just fine as he ate mine and his. The eggs were pretty good. Like, I wouldn’t drive a country mile for them but I also would not yell at the hens who laid the eggs either. Maybe I’d drive a metric mile.

Most importantly, Marek seemed happy.


When the time came for the bill, we were pleased. We’ve been shelling out 11, 12 samoles for breakfast every week. This time all that chow rolled in at around eight bucks. We gathered a byte of Washingtons and got ready for Marek’s big job.

“A byte of Washingtons.” Gawd, I slay me sometimes.


Marek jumped to the task. He said, looky here, long chops. I’ve quoted Bob Dylan for you, let you go on about child labor issues and the symbolism of the Island of Sodor, and I’ve put up with your silly jokes (“Byte of Washingtons,” really? no one is going to laugh at that, not even TBB Fan Dave the Sly Red Fox), now just make with the cash, old man.


Dear reader, did you just think that Marek was all about getting the job done and paying the bill? That’s why you’re the sucker and I’m the dad, because I knew better. He just wanted to crawl up in this girl’s arms and get carried around.


He finally did actually pay and even brought some change back. (Not pictured here, Sir Handel being held for ransom. What, you thought he brought back the change every week out of the goodness of his heart?)


We wrapped it up and headed out. This was a very nice breakfast. Locals. Friendly staff. Good chow. The Fireplace Restaurant is definitely worth a visit. Marek agreed.


We’re pleased to give the Fireplace Restaurant a Tampa Bay Breakfasts Four-Pancake Rating.


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We got on the road and headed straight to the park. This is a park that I remember my parents taking me to when I was about Marek’s age.


We played all over the place, threw a ball, played hide-and-seek, got on the swing, watched the jet skis on the lake, and went down a big slide together. The only good picture we took was of this completely rockin’ dino guy.


Good morning chow. Good times at the park. That, little Marek, is a good day.

2 thoughts on “Fireplace Restaurant

  1. Dave the Sly Red Fox

    Great write up as always, Andy. I liked the part about the paint that makes a 1967 VW bus with a paint job that makes it look like a 7th-generation Toyota Celica. And Marek was wrong. I got the part about the Byte of Washingtons and thought it was funny. LOL.

  2. Melanie

    Super glad you liked it! Its one of our faves! They make the best Greek Hamburger there, and being pregnant myself, I think I may be having a craving! OY!


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