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Marek was unable to join me for breakfast this weekend, for reasons that are related to Kung Fu Tacos. We’re going to do a breakfast with Ivo and some friends anyway, because we know our Tampa Bay Breakfasts readers demand no less than perfection.

Did I mention Kung Fu Tacos? If you’re wondering if we’re in San Francisco, you might be on to something.

We visited Just For You at 732 22nd Street in San Francisco on 9 November 2010. They have a very nice web site at http://www.justforyoucafe.com/. Also, check out how Mapquest did a complete redesign since our last posting. The old links are still supported, which is a bit of a relief.

Inside is a perfect little breakfast nook. Cozy, inviting, slightly eclectic, and above all, friendly. We sat in a cool window booth. Not shown here: The window booth.

We were joined by our old friend Rene! Note that “old” as an adjective modifies the noun “friend” and not the proper noun “Rene.” Also note the delicious chicory coffee we’re slurping this morning. Delish!

We’re also breaking bread with Ivo and Mia.

What? That’s not the Ivo you expected? I hope we get to hear more of this story. After all, how many people named “Ivo” can there possibly be in America?

Great menu, with lots of California flair. I decided to ask for a “Cow Girl.” The guy said “OK.” Then I asked for some pancakes, bacon, eggs. He told me that that was a cowgirl. Sad. I was hoping to see some big Texas hats.

When breakfast came, it came wrapped in delicious! Mighty slabs of bacon, almost like strips of ham. Good, big pancakes. Tasty eggs. More coffee, too. This is good eatin’.

Mia is Ivo’s little girl. She’s never met Marek but we figure they’re still young, so there’s plenty of time for her to turn him down when he asks her out. Ivo’s the inspiration for the name we gave Marek’s little brother Ivo. And he’s a gosh-darned nice guy, too.

Rene and I started working on the same day for a company two jobs back for me and one job back for her. Coming to Just For You was actually Rene’s idea. Any Tampa Bay Breakfasts readers who are enjoying this San Francisco Treat should thank Rene from saving you from a TBB review of the airport snack bar.

There’s more than one kid who likes pancakes. Mia is like a female Marek, but without all the little cars flying across the table.

The bill came. I’m not going to lie to you. San Francisco is not Tampa. It could have been worse, and was probably cheap by local standards. We left our calling card and I had a teary moment missing my breakfast sidekick (he probably thinks I’m HIS sidekick).

Excellent food, delicious coffee, cozy and cute location, lots of neighborhood regulars. Rene, Mia, and The Original Ivo pushed this one over the edge and made it great. I’m voting for Marek by proxy and giving Just For You a Tampa Bay Breakfasts four and a half pancake rating. Which does not actually count towards Tampa Bay Breakfast of the Year since you can’ hardly get farther away from Tampa than this.


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