2010 Breakfasts In Review

We saw a lot of pancakes in 2010. 41 breakfasts, of which 38 were non-repeats, this year. 85 total breakfast events since we started two years ago.


One of the highlights of the year was our invitation to the food blogger dinner at Taste of Safety Harbor.

We overcame problems with Breakfast Spiders.


Sometimes, we just couldn’t make it out of the house.

Sometimes we just got lazy and had donuts.

And sometimes, Andy had to have breakfast by himself when he was out of town.

There were pops! Lots of pops!


A lot of times we just got sleepy after breakfast.


Any world-class professional has to cope with occupational hazards.

We jammed to good music.

And great music.

This isn’t a pancake!

We found that pepper is delicious on pancakes.

Some were really fun.

Most were really delicious.

There was no shortage of HFCS in our diets.

We never missed a chance for some strong, black coffee.

Marek usually paid the bill.

We had several celebrity guest stars involved with Tampa Bay Breakfasts.

Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom

Ivo, our newest team member

Jeff and Frankie, long-time TBB fans

Aleshea, the official poet of breakfast

Doug, Yankeetown town council member

Vicky, our favorite server of all time

Shelley, a fellow food blogger in Tampa

Arthur, long-time TBB fan

Sadly, several breakfast restaurants closed or stopped serving breakfast in 2010.

Aunti Donnas
Aunti Donnas

Viet Asian
Viet Asian

Local Legends

Hickory Island

4 January 2011 CORRECTION: Grecian Island is still alive and well! Marek was taking notes while I was driving, that’s all I can say.

Grecian Island

Through it all, we had fun sharing breakfasts with you, our Tampa Bay Breakfasts fans. See you in 2011!

3 thoughts on “2010 Breakfasts In Review

  1. RiverCityBreakfast

    Dig the blog, but I’m not sure where you got the idea Grecian Island is closed/breakfastless. They’re even open when other places *aren’t*.

    I had breakfast there yesterday (New Year’s Day).


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