Kissin’ Cousins

If you had that little monster staring at you all the time, you’d drive fast too!

Today it’s just me and Ivo. We’re applying lessons learned from our study of asymmetrical conflict and doing our first ever split-ops breakfast. Marek and Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom are over on Clearwater Beach having a simultaneous breakfast. That means, dear TBB Fans, that we get two breakfasts for the time of one.

We’re trying Kissin’ Cousins today. 951 34th St N in St. Pete. We’ve had a few recommendations for this over the years, and finally we made it.

The menu has all the right stuff in all the right places. You can tell Marek’s not with us, it’s all baby toys today. No cars.

Ivo’s so hungry. He’s eating napkins. What I didn’t get was a picture of him eating a knife, which would have surely cinched the Father of the Year award.

Ivo then ate the placemat. Several people started inching away from our table for fear he’d eat them.

We have a special guest today. The best performing artist in all of Tampa Bay, Aleshea! When I took this picture, she asked if she had bug-eyes. Yes, Aleshea, but not so much that anyone will notice. Unless they read this, of course.

Aleshea’s released her third album! She brought a copy for Tampa Bay Breakfasts, and we listened to it all the way home. Also note the nice touch of the graphic on the coffee cup.

Ivo promptly yoinked the CD. Of course, it went right in the mouth.

I traded Ivo a coffee creamer for the CD. I says to Aleshea, watch this. It’s gonna pop. She’s like, huh? What you talkin’ about? I say, just wait for it. Wait for it. Pop! Bwahahahahahaha. I’m such a great parent, if the disdaining looks from the next table over were any indication.

And then real breakfast came. Pancakes, bacon, eggs across the table, tall stack of blueberry pancakes on my side, and toast for Ivo.

Seriously, those are some very fine blueberry pancakes. Blueberries inside, outside, and also an emergency phone number to call in case you need more blueberries to be airlifted in.

Ivo and just a piece of dry toast. Ivo of the future is going to read this 20 years from now and feel very ripped off. I’ll get a phone call (or whatever it will be in 2031), and Ivo will be there demanding his blueberry pancakes that he got cheated on when he was 9 months old.

When we were done, me and Ivo made cute poses. This is my bug-eyed picture, so Aleshea doesn’t have to feel bad.

Then Aleshea and Ivo made cute poses. For young people without kids, this is the sort of moment that makes them think, hmmmm, maybe I want kids, too.

Which lasted all of 30 seconds before baby-chaos erupted. Aleshea is an intensely gifted artist, but even Alice Tuan would be unable to withstand this baby onslaught. For young people without kids, this is the kind of moment that makes them think, uhhhhhh, maybe not.

Lucky for Aleshea, she was saved by the bell. Or bill, in this case. $18 seems a little on the high side for just two breakfasts, but not grossly high, just a little high.

Ivo promptly fell asleep in the car, listening to Aleshea’s new CD. Note that he has his flip-phone handy, just in case his agent calls.

Which means that he completely missed the 1980s Maserati with the Dead Kennedys bumper sticker. It’s easily as good as a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.

We had a great time at Kissin’ Cousins. This is a great diner. Big and packed, yet there was still a table for us, and, as busy as it was, the staff still seemed to know plenty of folks by name. The chow lives up to other reviews we’ve read. Great coffee. Aleshea gave thumbs-up on her chow. The blueberry pancakes are easily a peer to Skyway Jacks, and that’s saying something. We’re pleased to give Kissin’ Cousins a four and a half pancake rating.


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  1. Aleshea

    As always, a pleasure to dine with you gentlemen! I always leave a breakfast more knowledgeable than I came to it…lovely, lovely! I missed Marek, though. 🙂


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