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We visited Jimbo’s BBQ at 4103 W Kennedy Blvd on 11 July 2009. Jimbos has a web site at http://www.jimbosbarbq.com/. This was our first visit to Jimbo’s. We’ve had several recommendations that this is a great place for breakfast.


This was a special Tampa Bay Breakfast as we had guests. Marek’s friend Daniel and his dad Teddy joined us!


Jimbo’s is actually a BBQ joint and has a great reputation around town. Walk in the place and you can tell — you’re in for BBQ. And even for breakfast it’s obviously a popular place. Several folks were greeted by name when they came in, which is a very good sign!


Aside from it being a BBQ shack, there’s no strange claim to fame for Jimbo’s. Just a nice place with good people. There is a huge alligator skin on the wall, which is pretty neat. And there’s a big ole gumball machine by the door. Just the right size for getting your hand stuck in it.


The menu at Jimbo’s is a bit sparse and, I felt, a little high on the price. Breakfast, while good here, is not the core competency of the kitchen, and it shows in the menu selection.


But the coffee was really good!


We had breakfast. The pancakes were ginormous. The bacon was very nice. We didn’t have eggs, as to get eggs and bacon and pancakes together we’d have had to spend $12!


Marek didn’t really eat much, but I think he was distracted. Whenever we have TBB guests he tends to not eat well, so we won’t hold that against Jimbo’s.


Even though he didn’t eat much and was sort of being loud and making a mess, he still took time out to love his dad.


When we were done, Marek paid the bill.


Daniel went to help.


Marek got the change. But no pop! Oh sad day!


Marek made a new friend! This is a sign of a good place, when folks take a moment to get to know you.


When we were done, Marek and Daniel offered to drive us home.


Overall, this was a nice place and we had a great time. We loved having breakfast with Teddy and Daniel. The folks at Jimbo’s were very friendly and the customers were all regulars. The breakfast was really good but a bit high priced. We’re pleased to give Jimbo’s Pit Bar-BQ a Tampa Bay Breakfast rating of 3.5 pancakes.


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2 thoughts on “Jimbo’s Pit Bar B-Q

  1. Diamond Dave

    I have never been to Jimbo’s Pit Bar B-Q for breakfast but have been there several times for lunch. They have good BBQ and good service.

  2. Cindy Seely

    Glad that you made it to Jimbo’s! Good breakfast and good coffee.. I agree on the price, but it was always nice going in there and being remembered.


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