Datz Deli

We revisited Datz Deli at 2616 South MacDill Avenue Tampa on 19 August 2011. Last time was 12 February 2011 and it was collllldddd out. Not today. It’s sweltering here in Florida. For this visit to Datz, we brought Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom.

Me and Ivo, we’re checking out the menu. It’s a classy touch, these custom newspapers-as-menus.

Look at this great pancake run on the right. Even have something called a red velvet pancake. That sounds delish. Downright yummy, even. Shame of it is, they only serve pancakes on the weekends. ONLY SERVE PANCAKES ON THE WEEKENDS. That’s going to cost you a half a pancake-point, Datz.

Little Ivo. He looks just like Marek. It doesn’t help that he’s wearing all of Marek’s clothes still.

Marek in the same shirt, two years ago.

Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom got her Favorite Thing Ever, an enormous hot chocolate. This is like, wow, way-choco, baby.

With a delectable morsel like that, you ought have a private security firm standing by. There’s snatchy boys around waiting to help themselves.

Ivo’s going to have baby goop as a starter. Baby goop and coffee.

Let’s see how Ivo likes THIS little flavor.

“I did NOT just see you do that, dad. Did I?”

This has nothing to do with breakfast. It’s just a little police car I was playing with.

I’m not making any excuses, so you don’t make any judgements, ‘k?

After the Tabasco-infused gruel, Ivo was ready for some bacon. I don’t know why Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom gives him a plate, as that just gives him something to grip as he’s winging it through the room.

Same would hold true of Mom, were she the plate-winging type. But she didn’t, she just buckled down on this lovely plate of French toast. Lovely! Lots of “mmm-mmmmm” sounds coming from over there.

Marek, my breakfast partner in crime, he had what has become his new old standard, scrambled eggs and bacon. This bacon was a wall, a slab of lovely flavor.

I had the Datz Hash, which is the first time I’ve ever had corned beef hash that didn’t start its life in a can. This was a plate of awesome. Awesome.

Marek, he’s the kind of kid that will throw a slab of bacon over his shoulder and get to work.

The bill. Ouch. Let me spell that correctly. $Ouch. Not that it’s not delicious, but you wouldn’t bring the family here every day. Just be sure to roll your nickels when you come if you’re on a breakfast budget.

Afterwards we stopped at a place that had this Red Baron biplane for kids to play on. Celebrating the joy of childhood, or the prowess of Manfred von Richthofen and the German military during the first World War? Probably the former, with a dash of Snoopy thrown in.

Then on the way home, we found this rotted out relic. Can you guess what it is? I couldn’t.
It’s actually a really rare Deutche-Bonet Le Mans. How it got to Tampa is a pure mystery to me.

Later on that day I had to go to the market to get some more baby goop and ran into these nice girls. Tina, on the left, was our most pleasant waitress this morning, and her colleague Jay on the right. Tina, it turns out, we also know from Rick’s on the River. I had such a nice chat with Tina and Jay that I’m going to have to reinstate that half-pancake penalty from earlier.

Datz continues to impress us with the great food and fabulous service. Nothing to be said but let’s go get some. We’re pleased to re-affirm Datz as a Tampa Bay Breakfasts five pancake destination.


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