Bike Ride to the Park

Sometimes on Sunday mornings, when Marek and Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom are sleeping late, Ivo and I take a bike ride. The morning of 22 April 2012 was a pretty fine one. Look what we found. A field of Ibis and a chicken.

We rode by the Sulphur Springs water tower.

The look of effort on my face, and worry on Ivo’s, is directly related to riding a bike on Tampa’s streets!

We ended up at Patterson Street Park in Seminole Heights.

There were ducks! (Which was, honestly, the whole reason we came here.)

Breakfast this morning was dried mangoes, raw cashews, dried cherries, some apples, a juice box, and a thermos of coffee. And some old bread for the ducks, natch! No pancakes. That’s only “normal TBB days.” This is how we eat the rest of the week.

After breakfast, Ivo stretched out and did some Tai Chi.

Then he and the ducks ran off to the playground!

Playing in the cool Spring morning as the sun finally comes out. How lovely. (Not shown here: How we got caught in a torrential downpour on the way home and ended up soaked and miserable. But hey, let’s live in the moment!)

This is the shirt I was actually wearing the moment Ivo was born. No special statement, other than I wear it all the time because I like both Ivo and Stephen Hawking. Check out Ivo’s relaxed feet-up pose.

Just a normal day.

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