The Hangar

Today is Mother’s Day. Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom had a choice. Sleep late and have the morning to herself, or get up and come to breakfast with us. She made the right choice.


For Mother’s Day, Mom opted for The Hangar. She heard there were airplanes (so maybe she could make a run for it?). The Hangar is at Albert Witted Airport in St. Pete and was our Breakfast of the Year in 2010.


Our favorite table. This is the table where if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of Ivo endangering his life by trying to stand on his chair to look at stuff.


Marek is lecturing Mom on the finer points of ordering. “You see,” says he, “it’s very important to get extra butter for your eggs.”


This railing is the single most irresistible thing in Ivo’s life. He simply cannot not climb it.


Father-son pose. This was taken moments before Ivo managed to hurl a chair at an airplane.

He didn’t do that, but I keep expecting something violent out of him. He may look sweet, but don’t trust this boy.


We picked up a map on the way in. Ivo’s looking for good spots to visit and terrible-two-terrorize. Terrible two-er-ize. Terri-two-er-ize.


Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom is going to have the waffle. She was disappointed that there’s no French toast.


A round of coffee for everyone! From the look on Marek’s face, you’d think his tastes like pickles.


Ivo needs his jolt of caffeine to keep the energy up.


Poof! Here’s Ivo in Marek’s chair! Note the magician pose. With a smoke cloud around him, you’d think he was The Amazing Ivo instead of just Ivo.


We live in Tampa but we like playing like tourists. People from around the world pay a lot of money to visit this place we call home. Marek went to the tourist map rack downstairs and got us information on things to see.


A Mother’s Day Cheers!


Spiderman shoes! Fast. Stylish. Not in adult sizes.


And here comes breakfast! Ivo, always ready with the knife. He actually brought this one with him, strapped to his jackboot.


A lovely, yet somewhat plain-looking and unadorned, waffle for Mom.


A heap of bacon and a pancake for Marek. Odd, though, that we didn’t actually want two pancakes for the boys.


This pancake looks like it’s the victim of a brutal back-alley knife fight. It’s like Ivo stabbed that pancake so he could steal the pancake’s strawberry wallet.


And for me, the lovely spinach and brie omelet, which is just outstanding.


Marek has taken to calling us, “The Fabulous Breakfast Boys.” That’s because he learned to read this last month, I mean it all clicked with him and words started jumping out and he started reading our little blog for himself. His world just opened up and he’s thrilled.

So here we are, The Fabulous Breakfast Boys.


Extra butter for the eggs. Just like we said. I think that’s disgusting, but who am I to complain?




The bill needed a forklift, weighing in at $45.


After we settled up we went downstairs to the lounge and sat in the comfy couches, like we were waiting to go on a flight to someplace exotic.


This is the Andy Method, by the way. Find fun and interesting public spaces and just hang out. Amazing how much fun you can have without paying heaps of cash for theme parks.


After The Hanger, we went to the Seminole Heights Market to walk around and enjoy the lovely Florida Springtime.


And we got to pet some birds. No, Ivo, we’re not getting a bird.

Isn’t Mom just lovely today?


This was our third visit to The Hangar. We love coming here for the high quality food, great ambiance, and the great views of the flight operations. The Hangar was the 2010 Tampa Bay Breakfast of the Year. But today we’re going to downgrade a half a point. While the food was excellent as usual, the whole experience was not what we’ve come to expect. Lipstick on the coffee cup and an order that showed up as what the waiter thought we wanted rather than what we said we wanted led to a feeling that The Hangar’s exceptionally-polished experience is becoming a little frayed. Still excellent, but less than we’ve come to expect from this great restaurant. For 2013 we give The Hangar a Tampa Bay Breakfasts four and a half pancake rating.


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