Lil Bit Kuntry

Blasting down the highway this morning, looking for some chow. Came across this hot little number.


That’s one sweet ride, through and through. I wished we weren’t running 70 miles an hour or I’d have been able to get a closer look.


This morning we visited Lil Bit Kuntry at 4999 71st Ave N, Pinellas Park. This was a recommendation by Tampa Bay Breakfasts fan Justin.


Kung Fu Pose from the Breakfast Boys.


In our second awesome car sighting today, we got next-to-parked by a 1962 MG. This was one nice ride. Makes the FR-S look large.


Full assault on the dining room, like a Breakfast SWAT team.


The menu is full of delightful misspellings. I’ll be honest, it took me a couple looks to realize that they were deliberate. “Wow, these are some terrible spellers.” Followed by, “oh, everything’s misspelled, it’s funny that way.”


Hot chocolate for The Marek, which is his thing now.


Sweet and Low in his coffee for Ivo, which apparently is his thing now.


How we handle head-butting children in our family.


One of the rare moments where being a father of two doesn’t seem like it was a bad idea.


Here’s breakfast, pancakes first.


Bacon, eggs, and the “Kuntry Skillet” for me. What you’re seeing here is a “two, two, and two” split down the middle.


Ivo started cutting up his pancake. He probably brought that knife from home, as the waitress didn’t give the boys knives.


Marek ‘ll tell ya, everything’s better with a little high fructose corn syrup!


Eating fork and knife European style.


This is what a breakfast looks like when it’s having to deal with The Breakfast Boys. The look on Ivo’s face? That’s him looking at someone else’s breakfast, wondering if he could get a bite of that, too.


Sixteen smackers for the bill. Not terrible. Not fabulously cheap, but not terrible.


Ivo says, I’ll pay the bill, give me your money. I say no way, man. He jumped me from behind and took the money. As you look at this picture, give appropriate sound effects: Grunt, grunt, ouch, ooof.


Me handing over a Jackson after having had wall-to-wall counseling, Ivo-style.


Ivo earned a quarter for paying the bill. Here’s the funny bit. Both him and Marek now get a coin for paying the bill. Both get very excited, very proud. And by the time we get home, both manage to lose their coins.


The FR-S is a family car. Here’s Ivo doing a less than graceful ingress into the vehicle.


It kept getting worse. By which I mean funnier. A better father would have helped him rather than just taking pictures of him struggling.


Marek picked up a business card on our way out, just in case we needed to call for take-out bacon.


Afterwards, we went up the road to the Wagon Wheel flea market. I remember going there when I was Marek’s age. When you pay to park they give you coupons for drinks and hotdogs. So those were the boys’ “tickets” to the flea market. I’m finding that there’s a lot of fun and magic to things like this.


Marek, negotiating for a big car. He settled on a 1/32nd Nissan Skyline. Really good taste this boy has.


Ivo and Marek, comparing purchases. (They both got two dollars, and spend it well.)


Good breakfast at Lil Bit Kuntry. The Kuntry Skillet wasn’t really to my liking. It was fine, but full of sausage gravy, which is something I don’t really like too much of at one time. Pancakes were nicely done, bacon good, eggs hit the mark. Clientele were friendly. Not a bad breakfast, worth a stop if you’re in the area. We’re pleased to give Lil Bit Kuntry a Tampa Bay Breakfasts four pancake rating.


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