Mamas Family Restaurant

We re-visited Mamas Family Restaurant at 9312 N Florida Ave on 8 June 2013. It’s only our millionth visit. Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom joined us. And we rode bikes here, so we’re a little sweaty this morning.


Here’s Vicki, best waitress in Tampa Bay, advising me that she was able to influence the kitchen to add proper blueberry pancakes to the menu since I made a comment one time that blueberry pancakes were the only thing standing between them and perfection.


Marek took a bunch of pictures, including this one. I’m not sure where the grey hair came from. Thanks, Marek, for pointing it out to me and the rest of Tampa Bay.


Marek self-portrait. He’s like Chuck Close, only less wealthy.


Paper airplane contest this morning. I’m making a stealth fighter for Ivo.


Mom’s flying a high-tech, stealthy airplane of her own. She’s laughing because she realized she doesn’t know how to make a paper airplane.


Here’s Mama’s kids’ menu.


I told Marek that I thought Ivo was slightly cuter than Marek. He was OK with that news and took it calmly.


This looks like a sweet picture. What it is, dear reader, is actually a head-butt to the jugular. It was not pleasant.


Take a look at the previous two pictures and now look at this one. Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom clearly got the better breakfast companion. No assaults going on over there.


As promised, blueberry pancakes.


Bacon, eggs, home fries for Marek. Shown here with butter being liberally applied to the eggs, which I find to be a bit gross.


French toast, pancakes, eggs. Cantaloupe, too.


Here’s a fine family breakfast spread. It’s difficult to get it better than this.


Marek with knife and fork skills. Now what you’re not seeing here is that he cuts things up with knife and fork and then eats with his hands. Small victories. Parenthood is about small victories.


Ivo loving him some mommy. Soon enough, he’ll be choking and head-butting dad. I predict by suppertime.


Marek and Ivo offered to pay the bill. Notice that Marek seems to have a credit card now. It’s mine, not his. He lifted it after head-butting me earlier. That big breakfast spread was about $25.


And away they go. The nice lady in red on the left commented on how well behaved they were. I’m like, did you miss the whole choking thing?


Vicki gave the boys cookies, and we said, no cookies until we get home. As you can see, this was not a popular domestic policy with the electorate.


There’s no sadness that can’t be fixed with a mother’s love. Don’t be fooled, it was her that said no cookies until we get home which caused Ivo to cry in the first place.


On the ride home we had the great fortune to see Thomas the Train roll on by. That’s always a special treat. Ivo asks, “where’s Thomas going?” The answer is either “to school” or “home to his mommy and daddy.”


Another great breakfast at Mamas. Thanks for the blueberry pancakes! That makes me feel like a major mover and shaker of the Tampa Bay Breakfast world. We’re pleased to reinforce Mamas on N. Florida as a Tampa Bay Breakfasts five pancake breakfast.


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