Savvy Jack’s

We visited Savvy Jack’s at 11401 N 56th St Temple Terrace, FL 33617 on 7 September 2013. Savvy Jack’s was recommended to us by TBB Fan Earl.


These lead-in pictures are staged like posters for a Tarantino movie.


Marek and Ivo fight like wet cats in a sack most times, but every now and then there’s a sweet brotherly moment. Like here, Marek holding his brother’s hand as they cross the street. Probably to better push him in front of a bus.


We’re not the only customers at Savvy’ Jack’s this morning, but there’s only one other customer when we walk in.


The menu has lots of French hints. Quiche. Crepes. French toast. Small clues we pick up on right away.


Ivo tested the quality of the bucket of jelly packets. Warning to future customers, Ivo was here.


Our very nice hostess brought coloring books and crayons. And, it turns out, she’s from Paris. France, not the other one in Texas. We took the opportunity to practice our counting to ten and our “hello,” “goodbye,” and “thank you.”


While we were waiting for chow to roll out, we entertained ourselves by arm wrestling.


This is how it’s going to play out for the rest of my days. Marek wins. I pay up.


I tried to win my money back with a double-or-nothing thumb-wrestle. And lost double the money.


Then Ivo moved in. I figured I could take him out and recoup my losses.


When I beat him fair and square, he pulled a knife.


Thank goodness breakfast arrived and saved me. Un petit déjeuner complet!

Pancakes for the Ivo.


Bacon and eggs for the Marek.


And the recommended breakfast crepe for dad. C’est bon!


Ivo says, dad, these pancakes would be improved with some HFCS. Surprisingly enough, this picture does not have a syrup-coated Marek to the right. Ivo did a very good job keeping it on the plate.


A strong dose of the good stuff for Ivo. Because a three year old without a coffee is like a firecracker without a match.


The soundtrack for this picture is Ivo making gorilla noises. Oooh oooh, aaah aaaah, raowr!


With a performance like that, all you need to do is wait for a call from your agent.


Marek took a bunch of pictures of Me, Ivo, and Mickey. This one came out OK. Our very nice hostess came over to ask if Ivo was OK, was he sleepy? No, ma’am, he’s just goofin.


Ivo jumped up to pay the bill.


There was a bowl of candy for kids who pay the bill. The candy was peppermints and butterscotches, which is a good hint at the age of the average kid paying the bill here.


The damage came up to $25, which seems a bit high for two breakfasts (Marek and Ivo split the pancakes/bacon/eggs breakfast). While it was very good, that’s a lotta Francs for this chow.


After our great experience in Petit Paris this morning, we decided to take an international tour of Tampa. We went to MD Oriental on Fletcher.


We had a great time looking at the seafood on display. Some people spend money at The Florida Aquarium for the same experience.


We learned some Cantonese during our visit, to go with our French we learned earlier.


Not willing to let our journey end there, we drove from France to China all the way to Palestine to the Amana Halal market on Bush.


The boys found the meat locker. We came very close to taking home a side of lamb.


Me and Marek were getting some fresh cardamon coffee ground and learning to count in Arabic while Ivo was shopping for random stuff.


The only thing we actually let Ivo buy was some Halal marshmallows.


We left the Arab market to go to the Cuban jeweler on Armenia Ave. to get my watch battery changed. Marek wanted to listen to dub step, Ivo wanted to listen to trip hop. The only music both boys could agree on was Norwegian Aggrotech.


Then we went to Inkwood Books again. We discovered that our friend Amanda speaks a little Italian, prego. I left Ivo alone for five minutes and this is what I found in the kids’ room at Inkwood. I’ll be surprised if we’re allowed back. (We did clean up our mess, in case you’re wondering!)


So that’s our incredible adventure morning. Breakfast, France, China, Palestine, Cuba, Italy, all to a Norwegian soundtrack. All in Tampa on a Saturday morning.

Oh, and the breakfast? The food was very good, though a bit high-priced. I strongly recommend the breakfast crepe. We’re happy to give Savvy Jack’s a Tampa Bay Breakfast Four Pancake Rating.


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