Seahorse Restaurant

We’re at Pass-a-Grille beach this lovely Florida morning. And we’re hungry.


This morning we’re going to try out the Seahorse Restaurant at 800 Pass a Grille Way, St. Pete Beach, FL. The Seahorse is a recommendation from TBB fan Becca and TBB fan Todd.


It’s a special breakfast morning, because we have our Favorite Guest Reviewer, Mom, with us!


If you were thinking that this morning could only get better if you started slurping coffee creamers, then your name might be Ivo.


The lovely Mom points out the Baby Ray sandwich in honor of Grandpa Ray. She did not, however, actually try the Baby Ray sandwich.


Some history of Pass-a-Grille and the Seahorse. This restaurant has been here since 1934, which may make it the oldest restaurant we’ve visited.


A lovely and comprehensive menu. Are you also thinking about the hash?


Hot chocolate for everyone. The boys have more or less decided they don’t like my coffee any longer. Thanks, mom.


If you’re thinking that this hot chocolate would be even better if it were spooned out on the table, then your name might also be Ivo.


Speaking of the table, sitting here gives one a sense of timelessness. This isn’t a kitsch table bought at a thrift shop, it’s made to tell the story of this place. That’s lovely.


In a shock felt round the world, Marek is trying the bacon and eggs. Stand by for butter.


Pancakes for Ivo.


With a little hand-eye-knife coordination opportunity. He does this better than a lot of adults.


Eggs and grits for Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom.


And hash and eggs for me. While they’re not corning their own beef like Datz, it’s still good.


High fructose corn syrup for Ivo. The American Way.


A nice breakfast portrait of Andy looking like crazy old dude.


Butter on your bacon and eggs? Your name must be Marek.


The tab for all four, under $32. That’s pretty reasonable for a table full of good chow.


This is a little move I call “tickling the tricep.” Ivo shown here laughing and begging me to please stop tormenting him.


Ivo taking the cash, Marek providing security. And comic relief.


Away they go. We’re actually supposed to pay the waitress at the table, but I like to send them off wandering the dining room with cash, just to get a moment of quiet.


A mother’s love. A child’s escape being planned (look at the eyeball).


After breakfast we walked across the street to the pier and talked to this nice guy. He showed us how to throw a cast net.


Getting a few little ones, which he’ll be using soon to get a few big ones.


The Seahorse has everything you need. Great, classic, historical location with the best beaches in the area. Nice prices. Delicious food. Perfect mix of tourists (like us) and locals. Friendly staff. This is a great Tampa Bay Breakfast. We’re pleased to give the Seahorse Restaurant a Tampa Bay Breakfasts five pancake rating.


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  1. jacqueline hollenback

    What a great review, thanks so much. We’re glad you and your little ones enjoyed your day in Pass a Grille!
    J.Hollenback, owner Seahorse Restaurant


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