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We visited Georgie Boy at 1101 S Missouri Ave Clearwater on 19 September 2009. This was our first visit to Georgie Boy and it was a highly-anticipated trip as this is TBB Fan and old friend Jeff’s favorite breakfast.


Clearwater’s quite a ride from Tampa, so we had to take some coffee for the road! MMMMM, coffeeeeeee…


The interior of Georgie Boy is nice, clean, and open. Georgie Boy is not a chain, but it sort of has that feel of being “by the book.” It just doesn’t have that warm and worn generations feel that you find in old greasy spoons like Mama’s in South Tampa. Big booths, though; you could seat me, Marek, and most of his favorite cars in one booth. Also, and some trucks, he would like to add. And a bus.


This was a special Tampa Bay Breakfast. We had guest reviewers Jeff and Frank join us. We’ve broken bread with Jeff hundreds of times over some decades, but Frank still has traumatic memories of being born a couple weeks ago. This was our first ever meal with Frank.


Georgie Boy was instantly kid-friendly. Need a high-chair or booster? Need a sling for the baby carrier? Crayons and coloring stuff? Babysitter? Math tutor? Hair cut? Being that Marek is two, we appreciate the little things.


We had a good look at the menu. It was a fine menu, full of all kinds of breakfast. No proper blueberry pancakes, but that’s OK. Pecan pancakes, though, which we seriously thought about trying.


I was just stumped. What ever would we have for breakfast? I began to meditate and commune with the spirits. I started chanting, seeking guidance. Marek saved the day. He said, “Hey old man, get me some pancakes before I hurl this city bus at you!”


The above-referenced city bus. A credible threat.


Are you on the edge of your seat? Are you hollering at the computer screen, “What did you do next?!?!” Well kiss my grits, we had breakfast. Though, now that I think of it, we didn’t actually have grits.


Jeff had breakfast too. This one comes with a side-order of Emergency Room Defibrillator Sauce.


Jeff and I discussed the relative merits and detriments of hardening one’s arteries before the age of 40. (“Pishaw!” says Jeff, waving his hand in a sage-like fashion.) Whilst we were conversing, Marek, delicate flower that he is, proceeded to put the WWF bionic-elbow smack-down on his pancake. Marek usually wins the fight against the pancake, but it’s always by decision. This was a pure knock-out. “More, dadda.”


Then he started eyeballing Frank. That’s one hungry Marek!


Jeff scooped up Frank to prevent him from being eaten by Marek. So Marek just had a second pancake. Of mine. I was sort of looking forward to it. But a father must make massive sacrifices through his life in order to support a son. Despite the obvious pain and suffering this caused me, I handed it over.


When we were done Marek helped pay. He didn’t go off on his “I pay dadda” walkabout like usual, but he was still part of the team.


When we were all done, the Best Thing Ever happened. Marek got a pop! We all know how he feels about that!


When we left we seriously considered taking this home with us. But we had errands to run and, frankly, I was pretty sure we’d just eat the whole thing in the parking lot. Holy Moly this looks delicious!


This was a very nice Tampa Bay Breakfast. The bacon would have not interested Steve from Yankeetown at all, but it was pretty good by my reckoning. The eggs were very nice and the pancakes were delicious, although I felt they were a little on the small side. Not as small as, say, those at Pop-n-Sons, but surely diminutive compared to those massive pancake slabs you see at Jimbo’s. The coffee was fine, served in a carafe that kept us going. The price was quite nice; for Jeff (who had a breakfast that would feed a platoon), Marek, and myself we were able to get out of there with no more help than Professor Hamilton’s ten-dollar-attack and his hip-hop cousin Uncle Abe bringing up the low end. That was a delicious breakfast at a good value. We would give Georgie Boy a four pancake rating. We have to give a half a point booster shot since Jeff and Frank joined us and Marek got a pop when we left. There’s nothing better than good friends and a lollipop at the end!

We’re pleased to give this Tampa Bay Breakfast a four and a half pancake rating.


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4 thoughts on “Georgie Boy

  1. Grandma

    I LOVED THIS………….Jeff….Frank is adorable…..I love it that you two fathers and sons got away for a wonderful breakfast…..I would love to see more photos of Frank…. of course I can never get enough pictures of Marek…love, Grandma

  2. Denise Kelly

    I oooohhh’d and ahhhhhhh’d through the whole story, ironically while I ate breakfast this morning. Nicely done Papa Seely and good job Marek keeping your old man in line. But after reading I think I want a lollipop and baby … in no particular order mind you. LOL

  3. Marcia Spetzler

    The pictures and story are really cute. Glad to see you had a chance to have breakfast with Jeff and Frankie. I love the pictures of my grandson with his Daddy!! What an experience at 6 weeks old…


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