The Three Coins

We revisited the Three Coins at The Three Coins at 7410 N Nebraska Ave on 26 April 2014. Our last visit was July of last year.


Ivo’s excited. Mostly because he likes getting his picture taken, not because we’re having breakfast.


World-class-mom joined us this morning.


The menu. I can’t help but feel bad for old Ike Eisenhower and his dime: Not, as you can see here, one of the three coins.


We got here just in time. Last table, and then there was suddenly a line of hungry Tampa.




What choo lookin at?


Conversation leading up to this picture.

Ivo: Daddy, pull on my ears.

Andy: Uhh, OK.


Favorite Breakfast Guest Mom is already bored. Texting to her friends to save her. Marek is caught here saying the one thing he knows how to say this Spring, “I want an iPhone.”


Big old wad of breakfast. All the major food groups represented.


Momming it up on the other side of the table. She can’t help herself, she’s mom.


Truck-load of banana pancakes for dad. The banana pancakes are truly the top-shelf-good here.


Marek’s thing now is home fries. Remember when it was eggs? Remember when it was bacon? Remember when it was pancakes? Every year, he has a new thing.


Ivo’s trying out for the band. He plays slide-bacon-trombone.


Here’s why Three Coins is the perfect diner. Little-league kids on backs, diner owner (in the white shirt) standing by the door wishing good luck, good game, thank you for coming.


Almost $30 for a pile of good chow, we couldn’t even finish it. Reasonable rates.


Taking a risk, giving Ivo the plastic. It’s slightly safer than giving him the plastique.


It’s a perfect Tampa diner. Great prices, great service, great food, full of locals and interesting characters.

Also, unfortunately, it’s probably our last official breakfast this year. Our next post will explain.

We’re pleased to award The Three Coins with a Tampa Bay Breakfasts Five Pancake Rating, and also, even though it’s a little premature, the 2014 Tampa Bay Breakfast of the Year award. Three Coins: You’re an awesome, perfect breakfast!


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