Grecian Island on Davis Island

Hey Old Man! This belly is needing some pancakes! Note that Marek has been so upset with the performance of the Bucs that he’s started rooting for the Verein für Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart team. He thinks he’s so cool with his Euro-football shirt.


We had to drive through downtown. For our northern readers, please note the ridiculously beautiful day we’re having this fine Christmas eve.


We visited the Grecian Island at 223 E Davis Blvd on 24 December 2009. This is on Davis Island, which is also home to the Pink Flamingo and Jeter’s new house.


On our way in, we had a crazy little dose of Christmas kisses. In case you were wondering, Marek is my hairdresser.


Inside we found a cozy little cafe about half-full of local folks. I got the impression that most of the clientele were people who live on the island.


Marek got right into the menu. I’m hungry, long-chops!


So you, dear reader, are wondering by now. Is this really a Greek place, or is it just a fun name on a boring old breakfast place? I’m here to tell you, with fonts like these on the menu, it’s gotta be Greek! I believe this is the same font Nikos Kazantzakis used.


And every table comes with a jug of olive oil. A vial of oil would be a few ounces. A decanter would be maybe a half-pint. This looks like a liter jug of oil, just in case.


We jumped right into some coffee. I don’t think this is Greek coffee. I think it was Folgers. But despite the cultural coffee discord, it was delicious. And I never saw the bottom of the cup, which is the way we like it! They’ve got the same kind of advertisement-cups that we find at the Three Coins and Mamas on Florida.


While we waited we discussed the relative merits of the book Zorba the Greek, and how the movie role defined Anthony Quinn’s career such that he kept playing the same role over and over for years, regardless of the movie. And we talked about the pantheon of Greek gods and how I used to work for a company named after the Greek god Ares. And we played cars.


Then we had breakfast. Pancakes. Check. Eggs. Check. Bacon. Check. The pancakes were OK. I think they were buttermilk pancakes, which aren’t my favorite. Marek liked them, though. The bacon was very crisp, in a Steve-Standard way. The eggs were just fine. Not a breakfast I’d make any complaints about. A fine, filling, frugal fare, furnished from friendly fraulein.


When we were done, Marek paid the bill.


He really got off easy today, as we were sitting in front of the register. I really enjoy when he has to work for it.


When we finished up we gave kisses all around and said our goodbyes. We picked up a couple papers and sat at the picnic table outside, just enjoying the lovely island air.


We had a very nice time at the Grecian Island. The food was fine, the price was good, the people were nice, and the location was great. All in all, a very nice little Tampa Bay Breakfast. We’re pleased to give The Grecian Island a Tampa Bay Breakfast rating of three and a half stars.


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