The Brunchery

Our plan this morning was to go to Aunti Donna’s on South Macdill Ave. Aunti Donna’s appears to be closed. Breakfast is cut-throat business in Tampa, folks!


We visited The Brunchery at 3225 S. MacDill Avenue on 9 January 2010. This was our first Tampa Bay Breakfast of the year and our first visit to The Brunchery. They also have a web site at


Inside is very nice. I know the low-lighting is deliberate, but it plays havoc with my little phone camera. And it made it feel like Marek and I were on a date. Very romantic. The neatest thing about the interior is this long bench along the wall. Very communal feeling! Marek insisted that he sit on that side and I sit in the chair across from him so we could play cars.


The menu is pretty extensive. Prices seem pretty reasonable. There’s a lot of discussion in this menu about the craft of breakfast, with special this and hand-made that. Of course, we eat that stuff up. Get it? We “eat it up!” Hawahhahawhwhaw!

I slay me.


They brought us crayons. We love crayons. Now, of course, they ended up in the coffee after a few minutes, but hey, everything has its place. Marek also puts pepper on his pancakes, but we’re not discussing that today.


While we were waiting, we got some all-important father-son affection. I’ve got to draw notice to my hilarious shirt. There’s no humor like Bourne Shell Humor.


We had coffee, too. You know how much we love coffee. And Thomas the Train, by the way, but that’s another story. The coffee at The Brunchery came in two flavors: Normal and frou frou. We chose normal, because we’re manly men and we like drinking battery acid. We found this coffee to have a nice taste, but, in all honesty, it seemed a little weak. Maybe we’re just numb from all the high-octane truck stop go-juice over the years, but I definitely like my coffee stronger.


Then breakfast came! We love breakfast! Now our fine waitress did warn us that the “two, two, and two” breakfast pancakes were small and that the “normal” pancakes were, well, normal. So we go the triple-two route plus a single blueberry pancake. That blueberry pancake was rockin’ like Elvis, let me tell you. But a 2-pence coin in England is larger than these two pancakes Marek had. These were mere dollops of pancake. We were warned, but wow, that warning was on-target!


Marek didn’t mind, and dove right in. Our waitress asked us if everything was OK. I asked Marek if it was delicious. He shook his head “no.” I asked him if it was “only good.” He nodded his head “yes.” Lad knows the difference. That’s pretty neat.


Marek ate both those little pancakes, which probably add up to a whole pancake elsewhere. All in all he ate pretty well. Wash it all down with a good belt of juice.


When we were all done, Marek did not want to pay the bill. Instead, he hopped like a frog for a while. I declined to join him, though I know he would have loved it if we all had.


We had a pretty nice time at The Brunchery. The food was tasty and the bill was only ten dollars, but the coffee was a little weak and the pancakes were small. It’s also cold as the dickens out today, so maybe our taste buds are off today. This was a fine breakfast, all things considered. We’re pleased to give The Brunchery a three and a half pancake rating.


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