Revisit to Pop-n-Sons

We revisited Pop-n-Sons diner on 30 January 2010. Our first visit was back in May 2009. We had a fine time then, and we had a fine time today. As you can see from the sign, they have a special on scrapple. Grandpaw will be interested to know that!


Check out the neat mural of a drive-in out on the front porch.


This Tampa Bay Breakfast was a real treat. We had our favorite guest reviewer, Mom!


Here’s a nice touch. We sit down and automatically they bring us crayons.


This never happens to me when I’m alone, so I’m taking advantage of the crayons! Also, check out my kickin’ LISA09 shirt! Am I a nerd or what? Don’t make fun of me, Hugh, you’ve got the same shirt.


Marek says, hey old man, you’re always making me give you a kiss. How ’bout un beso for me?


Here’s a nice menu. Not the most comprehensive menu in town, but all the basics are here. And the prices are reasonable, too.


We had some coffee. This pitch-black swill was like having a cup of used battery acid mixed with old Mac truck motor oil. By which I mean it was perfect. This is some great diner coffee!


Even Mom got into the act. Though she doesn’t appreciate the concept of “diner coffee” so she tried the hot chocolate instead. She’s so cute.


Watch out! Here comes breakfast! This is a fine spread. We jumped into having three pancakes because we remembered them being a bit small on our last visit. Like that Grabby McGrab paw coming in from the left? There was an actual “yoink” sound.


Marek didn’t seem to care for the pancakes, but he surely loved that bacon!


Our guest reviewer said that the French toast was the best she’s had all day. She’s “in a family way,” which pretty much means that anything she eats has to taste good both going down AND coming back up. We’ll see what happens.


Marek wondered if I had something special going on over here. Of course I did — I had breakfast! Marek had best watch out, he’s coming in through the Breakfast Spider entrance.


Marek declined to pay the bill today. Something about how he was having a bout of sympathetic morning sickness. But the bill for two-and-a-half was a shade over 17 bucks. A little pricey, maybe, but not the most expensive we’ve seen.


On the way out the door, we got into a philosophical discussion about pops with nice lady. Is there truly anything finer than to see a bowl of pops like this?


By the time we got home, the pops had done the trick. Check out that tongue!


We had a very nice re-visit to Pop-n-Sons Diner. The breakfast is good eating, the prices are OK, and the people are super-nice from start to finish. The 50s diner motif is always fun. And breakfast with Mom is always a winner! Thanks, Mom, for joining us!

We’re pleased to re-affirm this Tampa Bay Breakfast’s four-pancake rating!


3 thoughts on “Revisit to Pop-n-Sons

  1. Mandy (pop n sons waitress above)

    Thanx for the sweet review,looking forward to your next visit,Marek was the most polite customer I had all day, a real pleasure serving ya’ll!!! see you in round 3 -Mandy-


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