Pop ‘n’ Sons Diner on Dale Mabry

We visited Pop ‘n’ Sons Diner at 4812 N Dale Mabry Highway on May 2nd. Today is Marek’s second birthday party, but we still made some time for breakfast. Boys gotta eat, y’know.

Breakfast was very reasonably priced. We split the pancakes, bacon, and eggs breakfast, and we added a biscuit as a nod to our friend Doug, all for just over seven bucks. The people were exceptionally friendly and the customers, while few this morning, appeared to be happy, comfortable, and seemed like regulars.

This was our first ever visit to Pop ‘n’ Sons. Pop ‘n’ Sons has a web site at http://www.popnsons.com/


We had breakfast. The eggs were just right. The bacon was pretty good. The pancakes were steaming hot (HOT! Marek says, and starts blowing on them), but they seemed small in comparison to other pancakes we’ve had in the area. The coffee was just right. Marek agreed.


My friend Doug, Vice Mayor of the town of Yankeetown, recently suggested that we not overlook the quality of biscuits when we review a Tampa Bay Breakfast. Doug, we had a biscuit. I can attest that it was good. Marek didn’t try it. He claimed it was hot and wanted to blow on it, however, so at least he participated.


Pop ‘n’ Sons is one of those 50s retro/revival/poodle-skirt kind of diners. Lots of period memorabilia on the walls, lots of chrome in the furnishings. You could stage Grease The Musical here. As you can see, the place is remarkably clean and polished. As part of the theme, they have a very nice lunch counter. We like lunch counters and will be sitting at them when Marek gets older. Or taller. Which ever comes first.


A unique feature of Pop ‘n’ Sons, to go along with the 50s theme, is the car show they sponsor on a regular basis.


If you know Marek, you know he likes Clifford, lollipops, his mother, pancakes, and cars. Carrrrrrs, dada, carrrrrrrsssss.


Marek paid the bill. He got a little lost and tried to pay the people at the next table over, but we got that sorted out eventually.


And he got a pop. Now let me tell you, if you don’t already know. Marek likes him some lollipop action. This is a sure way for him to leave happy, which is almost a guarantee to not get below three pancakes on your review!


While the 50s theme isn’t usually our bag, hep daddy-o, the supremely friendly people at Pop ‘n’ Sons truly started our day out right. We give this Tampa Bay Breakfast a rating of four pancakes.


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3 thoughts on “Pop ‘n’ Sons Diner on Dale Mabry

  1. Sandy- YTS Alumini-now Faculty!

    Thank you so much for your reviews…It makes me want to go to Tampa this weekend and find some of those blueberry pancakes you are talking about! Great site…must say I am enjoying it!


  2. d.d. f YT

    Thanks for the biscuit review but you gotta be true to YOUR breakfast passion … and from the visual documentation it is not clear that the Assistant Reviewer has (at this stage of his career) fully developed his consumptive powers. In other words, I will feel bad if you order biscuits and as a result have either leftover pancakes (the point of the whole exercise) or waddle out with that uncomfortable ate-too-much feeling.

    (I will let you know when the Inglis/Yankeetown Lions Club has its next Pancake Breakfast event.)


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