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We visited Mom’s Place at 4816 N Dale Mabry Hwy on 13 June. Mom’s is right next door to Pop ‘n’ Son’s Diner, a Tampa Bay Breakfast from last month. We’ve been to Mom’s a few times and have always enjoyed our visits.


Mom’s is one of those great greasy-spoons where everyone feels comfortable. Lots of local sports pictures on the walls and it seemed like it was full of regulars, especially car folks from the dealerships on Dale Mabry. We even recognized the guy from Jiffy Lube who changed the oil in mom’s car last month. As anyone in Tampa knows, we’ve got NFL, NHL, and MLB, so the sports pictures are important.


Mom’s is a Greek restaurant when it’s not a breakfast joint. We’ve never tried it after breakfast, but folks say it’s great. The most unique thing about Mom’s is the front door, with a homage to the troops. Being a prior-service guy myself, this makes Mom’s a good place in my book.


Marek promptly set about his primary task of being cute.


We had breakfast.


The eggs were good. The bacon was good. But we didn’t love the pancakes. For one thing, they were kind of small. Marek says to me, “Oh father, next door at Pop ‘n’ Sons, the pancakes were also diminutive in stature, might it be that we’re in some sort of rift in the space-time-continuum as predicted by Stephen Hawkins in his famous book Pancakes and Astrophysics?” Also, the pancakes weren’t really done well, with sort of a mushy texture to them. These weren’t the worst pancakes we’ve had on our adventures, but they weren’t the best either.


So we’re sitting there having a nice breakfast. It’s all good. Except that the salt shaker really dishes out a lot of salt. The coffee was beautiful, endless, and bitter-black the way we like it. The music was from Q105. While today Q105 is a contemporary adult, friendly to all station, when I was younger it was the coolest station ever. So it was a nostalgic moment for me, and Marek enjoyed some Mcdonald’s apple juice that he seems to have snuck in with him.


When we were done, Marek paid the bill. It was way-cheap: We walked out of there for hardly a nudge over a fin. That’s a good bargain!


I think they were surprised to find such a young lad walking around with a fist full of dollars, but everything worked out.


The pancakes being sketchy as they were, we were sort of leaning towards a lesser rating for Mom’s. But then came the deal-maker. That’s right, a pop.


That makes it all better.

We had a great time at Mom’s Place, despite the iffy pancakes, and truly enjoyed the people and the atmosphere. We’re pleased to give Mom’s Place a rating of 3.5 pancakes.


We’re trying something new. Let’s see if the Urban Spoon picks up our review!

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