Local Legends

We’re taking a long ride today! We’re ready!


We visited Local Legends at 20430 East Pennsylvania Avenue in Dunnellon on 20 March 2010. Local Legends is a new place in town and has the distinction of being owned by Marek’s first cousin once removed, Tommy. Betcha didn’t know how to do cousin math until you larned it here at Tampa Bay Breakfasts, now didja? Just a little extra syrup with your pancakes this morning, folks.


You walk in and find a nice and cheery bar. That’s right, it’s a bar that serves breakfast. And you’re surrounded by these red and black colors. You may find yourself wondering, why is this place all red and black? What are these legends? Is it some sort of tale of swamp monsters causing havock?


A closer look reveals the obvious answer. These are Dunnellon Tigers colors and the legends are star football players from over the years. That’s pretty nifty!


No pictures of math nerds or drama geeks like me, so let’s look at a menu. Prices are pretty reasonable for the area, though there’s not a huge selection. We brought our own yellow school bus to commemorate the DHS theme. I AM class of ’88, after all!


We had to get into some coffee in a hurry, after that long ole ride. This is us doing “cheers!”


Marek liked him some coffee this morning!


While we were waiting for breakfast, we had a chance to check out some of the neat pictures on the walls. Here’s a rowdy looking group.


And here’s some younger lads, including Tom, Marek’s uncle.


And the place has home-made Bar-B-Que sauce. Now how cool is that?


We got some time to goof off while we waited.


Check out my collector’s edition Yankeetown Sand Gnats t-shirt. Am I a paragon of style or what?


We had a chance to play bus races, too. This is one awesome little school bus. Probably driving the route on Highway 40 from Yankeetown to Dunnellon High.


And then … breakfast came!


These are some whopper pancakes. They were pretty good, and the eggs were fine, too.


I wasn’t a super fan of the bacon, but Marek took care of it all for me without really letting me have a chance to make an opinion.


We ate our fill but didn’t see any cousins on this trip. Being as we’re professional reviewers, we didn’t announce ourselves. But since this place is in the family, we’re not going to be giving a review for fear of appearing biased. We got out of there for about 11 bucks, which isn’t bad for two hungry kids like us eating a full belly’s worth.

We were pretty sleepy on the way home.


I mean REALLY sleepy.


But we made it home. Thanks, Tommy, for a fun and nostalgic breakfast!

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