Pipo’s Original Cuban Cafe

We visited Pipo’s Original Cuban Cafe at 411 S Macdill Ave in Tampa on 27 March 2010. This was our first visit to Pipos, and they have a very nice web site at http://www.pipos.com/breakfast.html. While Pipos is a chain, it’s a tiny little Tampa Bay chain so we consider them local.


At the door we saw a sign saying that we could order our chow online. We’re kids of the new millennium, so that kind of thing is way-cool by us!


Inside is warm and cozy. It’s not Sarkozy, but it’s definitely cozy.


Pipos is the kind of place where you order at the counter, cafeteria style, and pay up front. Then if you had a special order they bring it out to you. While we were ordering, we noticed these killer sandwiches being made for the lunch crowd. Que bueno!


We paid up front. About 11 pesos for breakfast, juice, and coffee. That’s not bad. I’d say about average for us lately. Marek didn’t want to pay the bill, but he did want to leave the tip.


We had a choice of the American coffee or the Cafe con Leche. The American coffee was self-service, so we went with that. We can drink some gosh-darned coffee. After we sat down I noticed that everyone around us had gone with the Cafe con Leche, and after we got into the American coffee we sort of thought we’d been better with the other. It wasn’t bad, it was just average.


While we waited, a drag race broke out. I bet you’re thinking, well sure, Andy and Marek, that happens All The Time with you. Big deal, you say. Show me Something New.

Well here’s something you’ve probably never seen. A three-way drag race between a NASCAR racer, a DHL van, and a Tampa Bay Lighting Zamboni.

Toldja we’d have something new for you.


And who’dathunkit, but the Zamboni won! See there? The Lightning did not get COMPLETELY mauled this week.


Then a big ole breakfast came out, in about 4 minutes from when we sat down. Blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon. These are a few of our favorite things…


My name is Marek and I Like Bacon. Took it all from me. Again. This bacon looked like it was Steve-Standard, but you’d have to ask The Boy for details.


I’m going to have to get Marek one of these shirts.


We both liked these pancakes. The were better than last week’s, without a doubt, but really pretty average for the Bay Area. Tasty, filling, cheap, and fast. These are some of our favorite things about our favorite things.


We walked out of Pipos with smiles. Good chow served quickly and cheaply. The Zamboni won the race. People were friendly and clearly locals at every table. There’s nothing not to like about Pipos for breakfast.


We’re pleased to give Pipo’s Original Cuban Cafe a Tampa Bay Breakfasts four pancake rating.


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When we were done, we went to the playground for a while. You can’t hear him in the picture, but Marek is actually reciting Alan Ginsberg’s “Howl” as he goes back and forth. Kid has a thing for the Beats.


After all that swinging and poetry, we gotta, just gotta have an apple. That’s a Good Day.


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