Anderson Road Cafe

Marek looks apprehensive. Is it my Angry Inch shirt? Note that the shirt is from the bar, and the bar is named after the movie.


We visited the Anderson Road Cafe at 6002 Anderson Rd on 3 April 2010. The Anderson Road Cafe was a recommendation from Tampa Bay Breakfasts fan Becky and turned out to be quite a gem, despite being tucked back in the middle of a vast industrial area. We drove past all kinds of spooky warehouses in search of this Tampa Bay Breakfast.


Inside was very charming, and it surely looked like they’d been slinging hash for quite a while. Check out that big honkin’ fish on the wall back there.


Marek picked the seat by the race car poster. We knew we were in the right place when we saw this! Also check out how folks have written all along the walls. A nice touch! (Though we didn’t find any markers, so we did not write about how cool Marek is)


The menu wasn’t extensive, but it had all the right stuff on it. We had the pancakes. And bacon. And eggs. And coffee.


The very first thing that happened was coffee. This was good stuff. We couldn’t get enough of that bitter brew! And also, we had some jelly sculpture work to do.


And then breakfast came! That look on Marek’s face is, “what, that’s not bacon!”


I might as well just get Marek a big ole plate of bacon these days.


Marek, do you want to pay the bill? OK, here you go.


Did Marek take the cash straight to the gumball machine? Yes. Yes he did. Did he get gumballs? No, he did not.


We got out of there for about 11 clams. Not bad for two hungry boys.


We’re pleased to present the Anderson Road Cafe with a Tampa Bay Breakfasts four-pancake rating. Thanks, fan Becky, for telling us about this great little breakfast!


We ran errands after breakfast. First we got the oil changed in Mom’s car. If you ask Marek what car mom has, he’ll tell you it’s a “JEEP!” If you ask him what car dad has, he’ll tell you, “it’s a RACE CAR!” Boy knows what’s good!


Then we stopped to get mom a surprise.


Is this a guided missile straight into any girl’s heart? I believe it is. Sorpreso, mom! Special delivery!


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