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We’re headed back across the bay, to give some more love to Safety Harbor. It’s a lovely morning for a drive. I like to take sunny-day pictures for the benefit of our good friends and fans who don’t have the pleasure of living in the Tampa Bay Breakfasts Official Territory.

The last good music we played while heading out to an official Tampa Bay Breakfast was Lamb of God. Marek makes the cutest little horn hands. In keeping with that tradition, we jammed this heavy-hitter disk into mom’s OEM stock CD player and turned the volume up LOUD. We thrashed all the way across the Courtney Campbell!

We visited the Paradise Restaurant at 443 Main St in Safety Harbor on 24 October 2010. This was our first visit to Paradise, and it was good.

Nice place inside. Roomy. Friendly. Exactly the kind of diner where you’d find good people, smiling babies, and Albanian omelets.

You think we’re kidding, don’t you? Well, you should know better. Albanian omelets on the menu. That got our attention.

We’ve decided that Albania is alright by us. Countries that elect academics as president really have a good respect for the sciences. Marek and I, we have a good respect for the sciences. (Marek asks, “dad, why is it that people in America trust scientists to make all the pills they take and engineered food they eat and cars they drive, and then say that it’s a socialist plot when scientists discuss global warming?” That’s God’s own private mystery, son.) We’d vote for Bamir Topi any day! But we’re here for pancakes, not omelets, so Albanian science discussions will have to wait. Also, with a smiling baby like this, it’s easy to just go with the flow.

We had to have the coffee. It was just the way we like it, which means it came on a conveyor belt straight from the oil sump of a Mack Truck to our mugs. Here’s Marek getting a morning dose.

Marek decided he was going to do something new today and have pancakes and bacon. You know how he is, all adventurous. “Dad,” he says, “I don’t want to have the Same Old Albanian Omelet. Can I have a pancake?” Sure thing, kid. For your reading pleasure, dear TBB fan, please enjoy the big ole bump on Marek’s forehead. That’s from Marek having a big ole pumpkin head and bumping into things that were actually on the other side of a room and not bothering him at all.

Me and Ivo, we struck out on the road less traveled on, and it made all the difference. Blueberry pancakes, and they were good!

Also, this pose you see us in got several comments from passers-by. I have my leg balanced on the handle of the carseat and Ivo balanced on my leg while I’m feeding him with one hand and myself with the other. Little old ladies stopped to stare. I’d also like to point out that while doing that, I also took this picture myself. Marek’s completely useless at taking good pictures.

Pepper on the pancakes. Who am I to complain, I don’t have to eat that. Also, Marek says that his hero Albert Camus did this too. Stranger.

Our man Marek got sleepy in the middle of this massive breakfast. It’s a lot of food, and when it’s so tasty it’s hard not to give in to horizontality.

We fixed that up with a rousing rendition of Hymni i Flamurit. And also more coffee.

The bill came. The price was pretty good for two real breakfasts.

Marek took charge on the cash. You’ll notice there’s little challenge in this, as the register is right behind him. Slacker child.

He paid the bill and made some friends, as he tends to do.

And then Marek got hugs and pops, too. This was like going to grandma and grandpa’s house, but only where Marek had to give them money!

Marek thought he’d had enough of all that lovey-dovey stuff, but noooooooo, Dad had to get a kiss, too. “Dad,” Marek says, “my future girlfriends are going to read this and laugh at me!” Too bad, kid!

We had a really nice time at the Paradise Restaurant. The people were double-friendly, the chow was well-served, delicious, and an easy price to pay. Even the coffee was like drinking a Mobius Loop of motor oil. This is a Quality Breakfast. We’re pleased to grant the Paradise Restaurant a Tampa Bay Breakfasts four and a half pancake rating.


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2 thoughts on “Paradise Restaurant

  1. Ed

    I love this place and the family that owns/operates are some of the nicest people in the world. I recommend you try Sunset Grill on Sunset Point also. I have a feeling that Marek will enjoy it. 🙂


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