Pedro y Cary

It’s a beautiful day for a drive here in Tampa. A beautiful day for …


We visited Pedro y Cary at 3529 W Waters Ave on 23 October 2010. We’ve driven by here a thousand times, and every time we say, “what a cute little place.” Finally, we made it a destination. That looks like Pedro at the door.

Pedro y Cary’s is a tiny little Cuban cafeteria, almost reminds me of a grab-n-go. The menu is simple and I get the impression also flexible. From talking to Abuela and seeing the kitchen, I’d bet if you ask and they’ve got it, she’ll cook it. Tampa has a rich Cuban heritage, and it really shows with places like this.

They have some delicious-looking pastries here. Marek came very close to trying guava for the first time. That’s a joke, because Marek is, ehem, not very good at trying things “for the first time.” He doesn’t get that from my side of the family, I can assure you.

We found a good seat in the corner. Not shown here, the television running cartoons on Tampa Univision. Marek was enthralled. Seriously. Like a little robot child who had his brain turned off. You’d think we were Luddites and had never let him watch TV. Or that he actually only speaks Spanish and all this time he’s been being tortured in our English-speaking family. Or maybe Univision was beaming some subliminal messages to him to buy more guava. Who knows with this kid.

Marek had the tostadas con queso blanco. By which I mean I put the plate in front of him and then forced him to take a bite. And then I finished it for him. Teamwork! Univision! Ola!

I had the sandwich con heuvos revueltos y jamon. The bread looks like it came from Mauricio Faedo’s, which itself is worth the trip. (We recognized the bread right away. We have skills like that.)

Breakfast was a little bit challenging this morning. Both Marek and Ivo woke up a bit grumpy. They’re still cute like their mom, but grumpy all the same.

I look over and find Marek is stuck and can’t move. The best part was, Univision had him so glued that he didn’t even notice.

I had a truly fabulous Cafe con Leche. So did Ivo. Though his was more Leche than Cafe.

When we were done, Marek paid the bill. The price was right. About 11 clams. Big coffee, great chow, and a juice for Marek, even.

For some reason he forgot all his Spanish this morning. From all the Pablo Neruda he reads, you’d think he’d at least be able to talk the language of love, but today… nothing. He still managed to get the job done with the bill.

Cafe con Leche? One of the best we’ve had. Breakfast? Pretty good, though I think our lack of Spanish this morning hindered us from getting something really great. Customers? All seemed regulars and happy. Staff? The best. Pedro y Cary are those kind of people you just wish you were related to. Sincere, sweet, and just happy to see you. We’re happy to give Pedro y Cary a Tampa Bay Breakfasts four pancake rating.


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