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Did you have a great breakfast? Did you take pictures? Did people look at you funny for photographing your pancakes? Did you tell them you’re not a nutcase, you’re just sending fan mail to Tampa Bay Breakfasts?

Send your pictures and experiences to!

From TBB Fan Pete:

25 degrees outside, the heat from the grill and the waitress smile brings a comfort like a fireplace. I am looking for a waffle this morning though the eggs and home made hash browns are tempting. At the Uptowner Grill corner of Grand ave and Lexington St Paul MN

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TBB Fan and Guest Reviewer Lizzy returned to the scene of the crime.


Justin had breakfast at a family diner near Shoot Straight on Highway 301 on Saturday the 13th of June 2009. They had pancakes the size of dinner plates and they were really good.


This happy group met early on the morning of the 26th to have a great breakfast at Mama’s on South Dale Mabry.



Fan John E. writes, “Loco Moco. Local-kine breakfast, this is two eggs over easy atop a hamburger patty on a bed of white rice all covered with brown gravy. Dat some ono grindz, brah, talkin’ broke da mout’! Fo’get bout Zippy’s, yeah?”


Fan Bill writes, ‘Pancakes at “Boots and Kimos” on Oahu while I was in Hawaii. Hot banana pancakes with macadamia sauce- nothing like it. As a fellow pancake connoisseur, you would appreciate these babies. ‘


Fan Heather sends this luscious-looking Breakfast from Ocala, Florida.


Fan Arthur sends this exotic breakfast from Hong Kong. He writes, “This is a traditional Chinese breakfast called “jook”, which is a kind of rice porridge. Home-cooked jook is made mostly by dumping rice, leftovers, and a whole lot of water into a pot, then leaving it to simmer overnight, but naturally at a restaurant they make it “fresh”. This particular one has some green onion and a little bit of stewed beef in it. The fried bread in the background is called “yau za gwai”, and it’s the Chinese version of the donut. It’s much fluffier than a donut, and usually dipped into the jook or used as a topping (you can see bits of it floating around). Besides being a breakfast food, jook is often used for food therapy, the way Americans use chicken soup. This probably doesn’t look as good as, say, steak and eggs, or maybe a stack of waffles, but all across Hong Kong you can get something like this for about US$2.50 (~HK$20).”


Fan Arthur sends this fabulous breakfast report from Japan:

The Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest and busiest fish market in the world (over 2000 metric tons of seafood per day). It should come as no surprise, then, that the outer market is dotted with restaurants serving some of the freshest sushi in Japan (and quite probably the world). Get there early if you’d like to visit; the inner market is only open to visitors from 5:00 AM to 6:15 AM (frequently not even then), and the entire market is locked up and deserted by early afternoon.

This particular plate is one restaurant’s “fresh off the boats this morning special”. Some of the pieces are constants (egg and eel, for example, and probably the various tuna cuts), but the rest are more or less decided by the owner’s morning visit to the inner market and whatever happens to catch his attention that day.

This second breakfast is a more traditional Japanese breakfast, served at a ryokan in Hakone. A ryokan is an old-fashioned Japanese kind of inn, a step up from a bed-and-breakfast. Typically they serve breakfast and dinner, included in the price of the stay, and in many places will have access to a hot-springs bath.

Usually the meal is served in the traditional kaiseki style, which is to say that there are many, many small courses. This particular breakfast contains miso soup, soybeans, rice, tofu, egg, grilled fish, and several kinds of pickled vegetables. The ryokan staff will ask each group of guests to confirm their desired mealtimes beforehand, so that everything can be coordinated and served at the correct temperature. It’s definitely a relaxed, enjoying-time-with-friends-or- family kind of meal, not something to be hurried.


Fan Brandt writes: I just happen to have a pic of my favorite breakfast choice: Greek Omelet with hash browns, wheat toast with Jelly, side order of onion rings, cup of black coffee, and a diet Pepsi.


Fan Loren had some Very Fine Bacon at a Los Angeles landmark.

Fan Sanja sends some fine breakfast from Germany!

Fan Rich in Germany sends this fine picture, and a link to the recipe:

Fan Kathy had this awesome breakfast in Lake Wales.

Fan Steffen in Germany cooked up his signature breakfast and sent us a picture.

Fan PJ sends this fine breakfast from Clearwater.

Rodie’s Restaurant
(727) 330-7599
Countryside / Safety Harbor Area (Pinellas)
2471-7 N McMullen Booth
Clearwater, FL 33759

My wife and I regularly go to the new Roadies location in Clearwater. They also have an original Tarpon Springs location. If you “Google Map” the address it will come up with the marker in the incorrect location (See. You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet!). Roadies Clearwater is actually located directly off Enterprise Rd. 1/2 block West of McMullenBooth Rd in OakBrook Plaza. There is plenty of free parking and easy to find. We have never had to wait to be seated. The staff if very friendly and always most professional. The layout actually mirrors the nearby Clearwater “First Watch” with a main dining area with both booths and tables and a small room with tables that can be for small groups.

This is a Breakfast & Lunch place only. My wife and I have had many breakfast choices..all have been excellent! The menu is quite extensive with entrees being under $10. We are overjoyed Roadies is here in Clearwater and a HUGE bonus, they are within an easy walk from our home. Pancakes are always light, fluffy and most tasty! The fresh fruit items are always wonderful as well and your bottomless coffee never gets low I can assure you!

At the 11Worth Cafe in Omaha, Nebraska, from TBB Fan Jason: According to Jess, the sausage gravy was just the best thing ever… as you can see, we tried to order almost everything. Please note the name of that thing Jess ordered (Robert E. Lee) … I guess the South will rise again, if it doesn’t go into cardiac arrest first.


You should send Tampa Bay Breakfasts to The Wolves Den. Despite the expression on her face Jen is really pleased.


3 thoughts on “Breakfast Fan Mail

  1. Justin

    The breakfast was really great, especially after a long night of poker. I took the pictures myself and I didn’t care if anyone was looking at me funny. As you can tell I’m wearing a TapouT t-shirt…who going to mess with me, I’m freaking crazy!


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