Ric’s Kountry Kitchen

Andy visited Ric’s Kountry Kitchen in April 2009. Marek wasn’t along for the ride, as Ric’s is on Ras Abu Aboud Street in Doha, Qatar. This is not a formal Tampa Bay Breakfast so we’re not giving it an actual rating. (Marek’s the one who actually assigns the ratings, I just do the web page.)


My colleague Zaya was also on this trip and agreed to be a guest reviewer for Tampa Bay Breakfasts. If you run into her on the sidewalk, ask her why her forearms are uncovered in these pictures.


You can get killed by this breakfast, if this omelet is to be believed.


I had the pancakes.


Zaha had the eggs.


Let’s be honest here. If we were in Tampa Bay, this would have been a 2-pancake rating, maximum. The pancakes were iffy and Zaya’s eggs had a melted-plastic appearance. But this was a real American diner in the middle of Doha, Qatar. And the coffee was pretty danged good.


So after having had your fill of things like baby camel, one does find a certain sense of welcome relief going to breakfast at Ric’s. It’s an oasis in a breakfast desert.


At the end of the day, if Ric’s is good enough for the United States Army Central Command, then it’s good enough for Tampa Bay Breakfasts!


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