Peppermint Patties

People ask me all the time, where did we get the idea for Tampa Bay Breakfasts?

It all started when Marek was a baby. I’d wake up early. He’d wake up soon after. And then Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom would get woken up when she’d really rather sleep all morning. So I’d nip Marek at the first grunt or sneeze and toss him in the car. We’d roll up to the local mom-n-pop shop for a coffee and newspaper, so Mom could get one day a week to sleep in. Marek’d look a lot like this every morning. It’s even the same car seat. Also, the same outfit.

Fast-forward to today. Marek is starting to want to sleep later, because he thinks he’s a teenager, and Ivo is up at 0600, waking up the whole house. So this morning, me and Ivo, we decided to go to breakfast the old way, for the old reason, and let the sleepyheads sleep. We’ll probably start doing more of this over the summer. We’ll have to get new business cards.

We went to Peppermint Patties on Highway 19 in Inglis. This location used to be the Hickory Island, which we visited in 2009, and before that it was the Port Inglis for decades. Back then it was one of our favorite pre-kid breakfasts. Back when poop wasn’t a part of dinner conversation. Back when everyone got to sleep late.

We got there before daybreak, so this picture was taken on the way out the door when a lovely Inglis morning was getting started.

Peppermint Patties seems like it ought have an apostrophe to indicate the possessive, like it’s Pattie’s place, rather than the plural “Patties” that they have on the sign. Everyone was very friendly and cheerful. They promptly swooped Ivo up like he was some cute little baby.

That gave me time to look at the menu. Considering that there might be donuts at the house later, I just stuck to the biscuits. But the menu had all the right things on it. TBB Super-Fan Steve reported that Peppermint Patties has really good bacon.

I had plenty of time to sip some good diner coffee while Ivo was wooing the ladies with his manly giggle-hide-smile routine.

When he came back, guess what he had waiting for him. That’s right, baby food. I had biscuits. Honest, that’s all I used to do three years ago before we got serious about Tampa Bay Breakfasts. Before pancakes.

Ivo had a solid appetite. This child never met a food, or a non-food of appropriate size, that he didn’t love to eat.

We didn’t really give Peppermint Patties the full TBB treatment. We didn’t try the pancakes and we didn’t unleash the Marek on them. Being as they’ve only been open a week, I’d say they’re off to a good start. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in Inglis. We give Peppermint Patties a Tampa Bay Breakfasts three and a half pancake rating.


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