Shrimp Landing

We’re visiting our hometown today. Ivo found him a Ford. I tend towards a Ford also, and I never really did care for a Chevy. But this Apache looks like it was painted the color of rust to divert attention from the actual rust. Looks like a straight six under that hood and an all-American line-drive baseball into the windshield. A lot of work to be done here, but there’s potential for a beautiful truck underneath it all.

We visited Shrimp Landing at 48 Highway 19 S in Inglis on 18 August 2012. Shrimp Landing is adjacent to the Hickory Island motel and bar.

Close-up of the door to the office tells a story about the rooms here. Either that indeterminate propositional phrase is on purpose or it’s not, and either way it tells a story of my hometown.

Here’s the Shrimp Landing, and also what very well could be the first ever Scion FR-S in Inglis. Shrimp Landing used to be Peppermint Patties last year, and Hickory Island before that, and the Port Inglis for decades prior to that. The Port Inglis is where I used to say “coffee, and lots of it!” And the gal would bring me two cups, just in case.

It’s actually “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel and we’ve been watching and learning (and not having nearly as many nightmares as you’d expect). So Ivo is very interested in this one. I’ve also got to give compliments to the blue-painted mulch, an idea that actually works pretty well here.

The menu is standard breakfast, just like you’d expect in a small town. Get too fancy and folks’ll find another place for bacon and eggs.

Ivo’s got a case of the shys this morning. He just turned two a few days ago, and it’s frankly a bit overwhelming.

But, just like all two year olds, a little bit of hot diner coffee will cure him of that!

And also, breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How can you be sure of this? Follow the sound medical advice of asking us, and we’ll tell you, breakfast is where it’s at!

We divvied it up evenly. Scrambled eggs: Check. Bacon: Check. Pancakes: Check. Fork: Maybe.

Simple and good, here. Decent chow that we both liked fine. Good coffee. Nice folks, with lots of regulars. Especially since it seems that Gobbler’s is under new ownership and was not opened at all this morning, making Shrimp Landing the only breakfast in town. It all weighed in at under a tenner.

That coffee really perked up our young Ivo. He jumped right up to pay the bill.

With a little encouragement on the compass heading, he promptly disappeared into the crowd.

And came back with change, a string of beads from “the kids’ treasure chest,” and a big ole goofy grin. That’s the look of pride and accomplishment my boy’s got.

After breakfast was down the hatch and the tab settled, we took a ride down Follow That Dream Parkway, as I don’t recall if Ivo has ever been to the End of the Road.

And a serious squall was just coming ashore. It’s difficult to pick out, but there’s three boys on the dock trying to fish without getting knocked off by the wind, and there’s a guy in a 20′ boat getting banged all over in the cross current trying to get up onto the trailer.

On the way home we stopped and visited the parents of a childhood buddy of mine. In the back I noticed the old Gheenoe that me and Gary used to fish out of for whole summers at a time when we were teenagers. Those were the days.

A fine breakfast day. Good chow, decent price, home-town fun, all for ten bucks. We’re happy to give Shrimp Landing a Tampa Bay Breakfasts four pancake rating.


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