The St. Pete Diner

We’re spinning Mudcrutch this fine Fall morning.

Pink taxi in Tampa. Take THAT, Dayton, Ohio!

Marek is set up in back and looks like a teenager, almost. It’s frightening.

We visited The St. Pete Diner at 1101 34th street N in St. Pete on 6 November 2011. TBB Fan Mike R in Vermont told us about the St. Pete Diner and the great times he had here years ago. Thanks, Mike!

It’s just me and Marek. We’re sitting at the counter.

The Diner has been here for years and years, and you can tell. I mean that in the good way.

Everything a growing boy needs, right here on one page. Of course, we don’t bother with “children’s breakfasts” anymore.

Me ‘n’ Marek, we’re like peas and carrots. Now, anyway. In about 12 years he’ll have all the answers and I’ll be yesterday’s news. I’ll also be pretty old and may have lost some of my street cred by then.

Pretty good coffee here at the Diner. Just like you’d expect, hot and black, and it kept on coming.

We brought a book today. Florida’s Fabulous Spiders. One of our favorites for bedtime reading. Seriously, would I spin a tale on something like that?

Every man has a “trick” he can do. Some can pull a quarter out of your ear. My grandfather could put his hands together so it looked like his thumb could slide off. Me? I can do this.

Here’s breakfast at the counter. This was so much fun. Marek enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, the ladies behind the counter enjoyed it. Those are some whopper pancakes.

Really, these pancakes were delish. Apparently they don’t always have blueberries but they did today! Note the Boston Red Sox 350Z car in the background. That car belongs to Uncle Jim, but Marek is allowed to play with it.

This is what it looks like when world-class Breakfast Pros are at work. Bacon. Eggs. Pancakes. Coffee. It’s a tough job, but we can handle it.

Do those little cherub thingies look like they’re structural supports of some kind? If so, I’m not entirely comfortable.

This nice lady came by to play cars. We enjoyed her company.

The damages at the end, under twelve bucks for two full breakfasts. That’s pretty good. Plus, we felt well taken-care-of.

Out on the tarmac, there’s a line of Mustangs. Coincidence?

And then this car in the parking lot with the t-rex hanging out the back.

This was a great breakfast. We had good chow in a locals diner for a fair price, and the coffee never went dry. That’s a good way to start the day. We’re pleased to present The St. Pete Diner with a four and a half pancake rating.


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1 thought on “The St. Pete Diner

  1. Justin

    I have some bad news to tell you about St Pete Diner. They recently sold the restaurant and it closed it’s doors for good on 7/30/2012. The new owner is going to bulldoze it and put in retail shops. I was one of their regular customers and have been eating there for almost 10 years, about 3 or 4 days a week. Every meal I had there was very good, and the portions were very generous. I don’t know if you ever had their Cindy Lee Breakfast, but it was excellent. Their chopped steak with onions was also very good, and they cooked it perfect. Every employee there was also very friendly, and treated every customer like family. I’m going to miss this place.


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