The Golden Bear

We visited The Golden Bear at 12540 Starkey Rd in Largo on 13 November 2011. They have a nice web site at TBB Fan Melanie recommended this one to us over a year ago. It took us that long to get here.

In the same complex there’s a Krav Maga school. When you see the words Krav Maga, do you also think about The Simpsons? Also in Italian.

The menu is full of Bear cuteness.

Marek, my budding photographer buddy, took this shot. Me and Ivo, we’re quite a pair.

Here’s a really high point for the Golden Bear. I noticed this fork was less-than-clean. I didn’t get a chance to say anything about it. While I was goofing with the boys our excellent waitress noticed it and swapped it out without anyone noticing. Really nicely done.

The coffee at the Golden Bear is just right.

I like to live on the edge with Ivo. No high chair. No booster seat. Just him, me, and lots of goofing.

Marek had the breakfast of choice for 2011, the bacon and scrambled eggs.

It took a promise of a thousand dollars and a pony, but Marek gave Ivo a piece of bacon.

These are some nice, tall pancakes. See that little chunk missing out of the middle one. That’s Ivo taking a tax off the top before the plate even hit the table.

We split up a pancake with Marek.

And split it up with Ivo.

We sat right under this bear mural. The whole place is about bears.

Everyone ate their fill. This was a good breakfast all around.

The bill wasn’t bad. Added up to around 14 clams.

Marek paid the bill. Ivo’s not on board with this yet, but we’ll train him up.

Look at all the bears. Like I said, the Golden Bear is all about bears.

Marek got a lollipop for his trouble.

On the way out we stopped to pose by this bear. It’s all bears here.

This was a really fine experience. Great food, great service. Eccentric bears everywhere. Krav Maga for a neighbor. This is a fine breakfast. We’re pleased to award the Golden Bear a Tampa Bay Breakfasts four and a half pancake rating.


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