2011 Breakfasts in Review

We’ve tallied up 120 separate breakfast events since we first started in 2009, 91 unique non-repeat, actual breakfasts you can go to yourself in the Bay Area. In 2011 alone we experienced 35 breakfast events, 22 of which were new breakfasts.

The year brought us some new Breakfast Friends, like Loren O.

Friends from far away, like Phil and Atticus.

Friends from close in Tampa, like Vinny and Abby.

And Brianna.

We said goodbye to a Breakfast Friend moving away.

I had a few lonely, solo breakfasts where I had to pay with funny-money.

We cooked our own a few times, when we just couldn’t get everyone out the door in time.

There were some Very Strange Encounters this year. Like The Egg Platter’s murals.

The Golden Bear’s murals.

This t-rex on the back of a car.

Baby Ivo became a regular fixture for our breakfasts.

And wasted no time in getting big.

Proper nutrition helps.

We tried different things and new ways. Marek finally got big enough to sit at the counter.

I proved to all the tsk-tsking ladies around me that I was perfectly capable of handling my infant despite forgetting the bottles, the baby food, and the diapers.

We were joined several times by our Favorite Guest Reviewer, Mom!

We had breakfast on the beach.

Breakfast in old-timey soul-food diners.

Breakfast by bike.

And editorial comments.

And complaints.

And disagreements.

Luckily, Marek almost always had cash. We only had to pawn him a couple times.

Thanks for joining us on our breakfast adventures this year. See you in 2012!

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