2011 Breakfast of the Year

Marek, Ivo, and I are pleased to announce the 2011 Tampa Bay Breakfast of the Year.

This is a prestigious, highly-competitive, no one ever notices, we should probably tell the restauranteurs about it, exciting award. Recipients of the Tampa Bay Breakfast of the Year go on to be exactly as they were before, which is just fine by us, because they were already great.


The competition this year was intense. Datz Deli, Three Coins, Mamas Kitchen, Showtown, Nicko’s, and 2009 Breakfast of the Year Skyway Jack’s all received the Tampa Bay Breakfasts Five Pancake Rating.

Skyway Jack’s is probably our all-time favorite. But we only give the award once, so, as much as we love Skyway, they’re not in the race.

Datz rolled out some really impressive chow (at an impressive (as in making an impression, not necessarily a positive one) price). Ambiance, food, people, are all a cut above at Datz.

Showtown was tops just for the unique factor. Go there to see the murals if nothing else. And also, they seem to have a happy hour at the bar that starts in the morning.

Three Coins is one of our perennial favorites. This is a classic Tampa diner, open all night, full of great food, friendly people, and great prices. Three Coins is a go-to spot for breakfast, anytime, and is always on our short list to recommend for out-of-towners.

Mamas is the perfect local diner. Great food, great prices, close to home, full of people named “Bob” and “Lois” who come there three days a week. Vicky stands out as the best waitress we know. Sharp, professional, fast, friendly, and fun.

Let’s make an award right now for her. Vicky, you are our first award winner for Tampa Bay Breakfast Server of the Year! Congratulations! Parades and champagne!

Nicko’s is probably the most perfect diner we’ve ever been to. It’s on a main road that isn’t really that main any longer. It’s been here for half a century. It has history: The basement, the O’Mahoney dining car, the Elvis Booth. The chow is consistently perfect. The people are consistently friendly and welcoming. The experience is consistently loads of fun.

While all our top breakfasts of 2011 are worth a 2-hour drive, we’ve got to pick one winner. This year we’re going to have to sing with Elvis. For a perfect, delicious, authentic, fun, friendly, and plain-ole-interesting breakfast, you simply can’t beat Nicko’s on Florida Ave.

We’re pleased to announce Nicko’s as the winner of the Tampa Bay Breakfasts 2011 Breakfast of the Year award. Go tell ’em Tampa Bay Breakfasts sent ya!


Thank you to all of our breakfasts this year and to all of our guest reviewers throughout the year, especially Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom and Newest Team Member Ivo. And thank you to our Tampa Bay Breakfasts fans from all over the world. We love your comments and emails and fan pictures. See you next year for more pancakes!

3 thoughts on “2011 Breakfast of the Year

  1. Sean

    They should post these behind their cash registers, or in their front windows! Just as prestigious as a Zagat award if you ask me!

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