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We visited Mamas Kitchen at 5524 S Dale Mabry Hwy on 26 July 2009. Mamas also has a location on North Florida, which was the first breakfast we ever officially reviewed. Both locations make a good breakfast at a reasonable price and the people are always very friendly. Marek and I visit the Florida Avenue location regularly. I visit the South Dale Mabry location frequently for breakfast with my colleagues from work. It seems like everyone in Mamas is a regular. You just can’t help but feel at home here.


You notice right away that Mamas is special. Two things stand out before you even get in the door. The benches outside:


And the “facilities” are located outside for some reason:


We had breakfast. The bacon was the way Steve from Yankeetown likes it. The pancakes were perfect, or at least as perfect as can be given that they weren’t blueberry pancakes. And the eggs were just right.


While you’re having breakfast at Mamas you get a chance to enjoy the interior decorating, which includes the Terrorist Body Bag.


Sorry, could you repeat the question? What, coffee? Oh yes, and we had coffee.


The coffee was strong, black, and bitter, just the way diner coffee should be.


Mamas also has a great lion mural. Note the neat touch of how they painted over the air conditioner.


Mamas is really close to Macdill AFB and the military influence pervades.


When we were done, Marek offered to pay.


He had no problem finding the right place.


And then the Best News Ever, he found what was in the bottom drawer under the register.


With a pop in hand, Marek went away the happiest boy ever.


Great food, great atmosphere, friendly and regular people, interesting decor, and a pop at the end. This is a great breakfast and we’re always happy to visit Mamas at either location. We’re pleased to give this Tampa Bay Breakfast a rating of 4.5 pancakes.


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