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We visited the Taste of Boston at 5314 Interbay Blvd on 1 August 2009. Taste of Boston also has a web site at http://www.tasteofboston.net/. This was our first visit to this nice little breakfast in Ballast Park. This breakfast was recommended by Colonel Mike at CENTCOM.


It’s not a great picture, but if you look closely you’ll see two doors. On the left is the restaurant. On the right is the bait shop. It looked to me like they shared a common kitchen. Hmmm.

Our readers know that we always look for unique and special things about a Tampa Bay Breakfast. Before we even got in the door, we took stock of the lovely, lovely view …


… and the fact that there’s a ginormous great playground right out back.


This playground had … a race car!


So we finally finished driving the race car and went in for breakfast. You order at the counter and pay first, which is fine. Check out what’s on the menu … blueberry pancakes!


Marek paid the bill when we ordered.


And then we saw that Taste of Boston just kept on hitting the high marks. They had one of Marek’s favorite things, a fish tank!


It was full of lobsters, but hey, he’s two, and there’s no correcting him that they’re not fisheeees.

We had coffee and it was good.


As some of our dedicated readers have learned, coffee is actually delicious with salt and pepper.


And we had breakfast. And wow, were we pleasantly pleased with what came out.


Gosh-darned good blueberry pancakes! And Marek liked his pancake, too. The bacon was OK — not up to the standards set out by friend Steve from Yankeetown, but passable. The scrambled eggs were also average. But these were good pancakes! Marek said they were so good, he felt like a movie star.


When we were done they gave us coupons for our next visit! That’s a nice touch!


Finally, Marek was ready to go.


And away we went, back home to tell Mom all about it!


This was a very fun Tampa Bay Breakfast. There was a playground, a great view, a pier, a bait shop, and a fish tank full of lobsters. The customers were friendly and seemed to be a mix of regulars and new folks. The staff was cheerful and attentive. The prices were average, but the Pancakes were just great.

We’re pleased to give this Tampa Bay Breakfast a four-pancake rating.


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2 thoughts on “Taste of Boston on Interbay

  1. Jay Hines

    Great website. We stopped in to have breakfast at Taste of Boston just after you left, as we do every weekend. It’s a great place, and they do have good blueberry pancakes.

    George Illes and his small staff have worked very hard to make a go of the place. Since it is within walking distance of our house, we go there almost every day.

  2. Denise Kelly

    Hey Andy, I’ve seen the sign for the place on the way into work. Looks like a great place and one I’ll be visiting soon. Do they serve lunch / dinner or just breakfast? I can’t believe how big Marek looks! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to next week’s. = ) Take care. ~ D ~


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