Mamas Kitchen on North Florida

Mamas is our most-visited, most reviewed breakfast. Check them out on Facebook. This wasn’t really a formal breakfast. Me and Ivo were just out for a bike ride and it was chilly out, so we popped in for a coffee.

Every toddler needs his coffee to get properly amped up.

Bit of toast, too, just for fun. We actually already had breakfast at home. Like I say, this was just a bike ride and social call.

But even a light breakfast of toast is yummy with some jelly!

And everything is better if there’s a mess involved!

I don’t know how much it’s going to be, so I hand Ivo a wad of bills (seven bucks, all I’ve got!) and say, “go pay.” This is actually his first time doing this on his own. He stopped at every table and tried to give his money away. A tribute to the character of breakfast folks, no one robbed my two year old.

He eventually found Vicky, the 2011 Breakfast server of the year.

Here’s something that has never happened. A bill for $0.00! After three years and a hundred breakfasts, we got treated like celebs! This was awesome!

Vicky and Ivo, peas ‘n’ carrots!

Time to suit-up and get back on the bike!

Vicky’s a cheerful, professional, expert server and always fun to see for breakfast. She’s also always good for a pop!

Off we go, to ride the gritty streets of Tampa.

Five pancakes, natch. Thanks, Vicky!


1 thought on “Mamas Kitchen on North Florida

  1. Henry

    Good morning,

    Just a quick note of thanks for your blog. My son (now 6) and I did a similar thing in search of the perfect cafe con leche / Cuban toast a number of years back.

    I went to Mama’s for the first time this morning entirely based on your recommendation. It was everything promised — good bacon, eggs, and pancakes along with very friendly service. I have no doubt that I’ll be back many times over the years.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!



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