Kozy Korner

We’re all getting an early start this morning.

There’s a donkey in that trailer.

And sunrise behind us as we’re heading west.

We’ve got Ivo.

We’ve got Marek.

This morning we’re exploring breakfast at The Kozy Korner at 5251 110th Ave N in Clearwater. Kozy Korner was highly recommended by TBB fan Nicole C.

Winner of the picture caption competition: “Our father dresses us.”

The menu includes a quiche of the day, which comes with a fruit cup of the day.

There’s also the restaurant’s story on the back. I like when a place has a history and the people feel strongly enough to share it.

Marek, who is starting to look like a grown-up person, has developed a hankerin for some hot chocolate.

Ivo, as dedicated TBB readers may remember, likes chewing on creamer pods.

With predictable results. (Sorry, Kozy staff!)

There was also coffee for dad. I have to say that the coffee felt a little weak. It wasn’t the 20,000 mile oil change diner coffee that I usually like.

While we waited, Ivo found the Toddler Slot Machines. Sadly, he had neither disposable cash nor fine motor skills to take advantage of this.

There was another slot machine by the register. Inside Kozy Korner, as you can see here, is clean and orderly.

One of us is crazy. The other just a bit insane. Try to guess which is which.

And then, breakfast arrived. Quoth Marek, “Thou still unravish’d strip of quietness, Thou back-fat of lovely and slow pork, puerco amorito, who canst thus express a salty bite more greasy than our rhyme…”

Whilst Marek did lovingly spake unto the bacon, Ivo attempted a conjuring act. See how he’s looking off to the right, while his left hand is, la-de-dah, nothing-to-see-here-folks…

He got his, that’s true, and then just wanted what Marek had. We had the blueberry pancakes, which were pretty good.

Good, but not huge.

With a look like this, Ivo can not possibly be planning anything good.

And there we go. Toddler with a knife.

What’s Ivo going to do with a knife? Burglarize his brother’s breakfast, apparently.

He’s got a knife, so I handed over my cash.

Marek helped Ivo pay the bill. Marek doesn’t want to do it, unless Ivo’s doing it then it’s “not for babies, dad.”

The total bill was around $14. Not bad, but not the cheapest around. I’d call that average, given what we had.

As we were pulling out, we noticed this cherry 66 Mustang in the lot. Sweet ride!

This was a pretty good experience. Lots of regulars. Staff were really friendly. Price was OK. Food was good, though the coffee seemed weak. I love that this was a recommendation from a TBB fan! We give the Kozy Korner a Tampa Bay Breakfasts four pancake rating.


Kozy Korner on Urbanspoon

After the Kozy, we turned up U.S. 19 and saw this wall of clouds.

Undaunted, we turned west and headed to the beach.

And hoped it wouldn’t rain.

Marek got into uniform right away.

And we rounded out our morning with good times, Florida-style. On the left is Ivo rolling his banana in the sand before eating it.

After a long morning of running around on the beach, we end up the way we started …. We’ve got Ivo.

And we’ve got Marek.

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