Revisit to Mamas on North Florida

We revisited Mamas on North Florida on 15 August 2009. Our first official visit was on 18 April 2009, but we’ve been here many times.


We really came back because we haven’t seen Vicky since April. We love Vicky.


Marek was happy as a clam to be in a familiar place after all the months of vigorous Tampa Bay Breakfast reviews.


We weren’t 100% sure, but if you look in the far right corner, I think that’s Santa having breakfast.


Marek got to color before we had pancakes.


When we were done coloring we had some of the best pancakes in Tampa.


I asked Marek if he liked the pancakes. “Well, DUH, dad.”


The whole breakfast was just perfect. And the coffee was bulletproof black, belligerent bitter, bountifully bottomless, best basic beverage. Just the way I like it.


When we were done, Marek paid the bill as he is fond of doing. Note the “pop” in his hand!


Vicky took a stack of our cards and put them on the counter. That is soooo coool! The first time anyone’s done this, that we know of, anyway.


When we were done, Marek hollered out “adios!” and we went home.


We’re delighted to verify the 4.5 pancake rating Mamas was given in April. (Slip some blueberries in the pancakes like Skyway Jack’s, Taste of Boston, or Grandma in Inglis and we’ll bump to five!) Thanks, Vicky, for a great breakfast!


3 thoughts on “Revisit to Mamas on North Florida

  1. Tina

    Hi Andy and Merick, it is sooo cool to see the dad and son breakfast, you are truely a unigue pair, and it is nice to see mum with you sometimes,

    Keep it going love reading about florida breakfast getting home sick here lol

    Love Tina xx

  2. aunt millie

    sound so good i heard santa was in town……….. everyone needs to be good… enjoy your week………. love am

  3. kayte

    I love it. Please come review San Francisco Bay breakfasts, too. I can induct you into the Church of the Sunday Holy Brunch. It’ll be great! miss you guys…


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