Grandma and Grandpa’s House

Marek visited his grandparents in Inglis for the whole weekend of August 8th and 9th. This breakfast is a true classic, one that I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of times.

This breakfast was special because Marek got to help make it!


Marek was joined at breakfast by his grandpa, A.K.A. “Huppa.”


Breakfast was perfect, and a lot of fun!


And surely you don’t think Marek would have breakfast without a proper coffee, which was surely boiling, black, bitter, and bold just the way he likes it.


Mmmm, good coffee!


This was The Best Breakfast Ever, and Marek was one happy boy. He didn’t even miss his old mom and dad!


This Tampa Bay Breakfast is a bulletproof 5-pancakes!


1 thought on “Grandma and Grandpa’s House

  1. aunt millie

    Grand- parents are the best for everything……I got to see Marek oh what a joy he is ……… so cute love am


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