Datz Deli

We’ve got a visitor this weekend. An old Air Force buddy, Jason. The boys hate him and don’t want anything to do with him, as you can see here.


Even after we all got dressed, they still refuse to even acknowledge his presence.


Because we’re all guys, we had to talk cars. Jason hadn’t seen the Breakfassst FR-S before, so we popped the hood and made vrooming noises. Check out Marek’s Formula Racing jacket. I found that in an Abu Dhabi market a few years back, and he’s finally grown into it.


Ivo says, “because RACECAR!”


I says, “because RACECAR!”


This morning we’re visiting Datz Deli, one of the best restaurants in Tampa. Marek actually rode on Jason’s shoulders the whole way here, which was uncomfortable in the car. Datz is at 2616 South MacDill Avenue. We’ve been here a bunch of times, and it always delivers.


There’s a line. That’s OK, we have a reservation, thanks to AM 820 Food Talk co-host and Datz owner Suzanne. This must be how real celebrities feel. We’re just faux-celebs. Pancakes don’t usually make the red carpet.


We’re up on top, with a great view.


The Datz menu is always new, printed on custom newspapers. Pirate pancakes … a Tampa Special!


Me and Ivo, goofin’ at Datz.


We’re going with the love potion pink pancakes.


Jason’s liking the “You Had Me at Nutella.”


We had to keep a close eye on Ivo. He might want to “share” some toys with the people below us. Marek did that a couple years ago and we had to go retrieve cars from downstairs. One is still down there somewhere.


We warmed up and took off our jackets. Ivo’s sporting his Stuttgart shirt, a present from our German friends. Though I wonder, why does it say “Germany Stuttgart” and not “Stuttgart Germany?”


Jason taught the boys a new game, “muppet.”


Check out how cool is Datz, they even have coffee in kid-sizes.


We’re sitting by the bar. Mimosas were flowing here at Datz. Not for us, though. We have to concentrate. We’re on duty. Though I’m curious … never had a mimosa before.


Again, no one likes Jason. He’s so lonely.


We had a visit from a member of the Datz management team, General Manager Erica. Thanks for the attention … we loved it


Checking out the Datz mobile app.


A bit of a mishap. Hot chocolate spill caused by unbridled enthusiasm.


A great restaurant has to deal with complexity. There clearly was an emergency response protocol for “Hot chocolate spill on the upper deck.” It probably has a code, like “DR075-Alpha” if the rapid response is any indication.

By the way, we are not going to talk about Lauren’s tattoos.


The lighting in Datz is such that all the food appears with angelic halos.


Nutella decadence for Jason, corned beef hash for Andy. Yes, that’s a pair of binoculars on the table. We ARE on the upper deck, after all.


Pink pancakes for Ivo.


This is chow worthy of taking a picture for the folks back home.


Marek’s also got the pink pancakes, but we all know he’s just here for the bacon.


Jason is momming it up for Ivo.


And as a result, Ivo is able to shovel it in. He’s not actually making Cookie Monster sounds here, but he ought.


I asked our cheerful waitress for more coffee, and she pointed out that we already had a hot carafe on the table. That’s a nice touch, Datz!


Me and Marek traded plates, and he finished my home fries (a.k.a. “square french fries,” thanks to Jason!) and I finished his pancakes.


Insert “gobble chomp” sounds here.


We wrapped up with little mimosas. These are a new signature drink from Datz, and the first time I’ve ever had a mimosa. I can see where that could be a dangerous habit on Sunday mornings.


We had a visit from our old friend Tina. We know her from Rick’s on the River and from previous visits to Datz.


A Breakfast Lineup in the parking lot on a sunny Sunday morning.


In the overflow parking lot, a Jeep with mascara.


We stopped at another Tampa favorite of ours on the way home, Rollin’ Oats.


Where we showed Jason how we do it with the little carts. Marek hasn’t left Jason’s shoulders in 36 hours. I don’t even want to know how he’s been going to the bathroom.


Don’t be fooled by this Tampa Bay Breakfasts rating. Datz is no diner. It’s a high-end, foodie-friendly restaurant that takes risks in the kitchen and gets it right in the dining room. What Datz has more than any other breakfast in the Bay Area is attention to detail. They care about the food, how the food looks, how you feel, and the space around you.

Go to Datz. Take a bunch of money. Don’t be in a hurry. Try something adventurous. Love it.

We’re pleased to return to Datz with another Tampa Bay Breakfasts five pancake rating.


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