Nicki’s Omelette and Grill

We visited Nicki’s Omelette and Grill at 6805 W Hillsborough Ave on 4 September 2009. This was our first visit to Nicki’s and we’d always thought it was another place with the same name, but it turns out that it’s a small chain with another location on North Dale Mabry.


The menu was extensive, but also a little expensive. The kids’ menu is a nice touch, especially since it came with crayons!


Nicki’s is a nice layout with a great lunch counter.


This was a special Tampa Bay Breakfast as we had the five-star guess reviewer with us … Mom!


Right away this started out good. Our nice waitress brought Marek a book to read while we were sorting out the menu.


Did we have coffee? You bet your sweet coffee cup we did! And it was pretty good.


Check out the suspension on this truck!


Breakfast came and we were surprised at the size. Despite this being the most expensive breakfast we’ve had, the servings were quite large.


They had blueberry pancakes! And they were pretty good. The bacon was fine, but not up to Steve’s standards. The eggs were quite nice and a lot, too — must have been big chickens!


Marek wanted a bit more syrup.


When we were done, Marek paid the bill. I bet no one could have guessed that he would do that!


When it was all said and done, we felt that the food was really good but a bit overpriced. The folks were really friendly, but it wasn’t really obvious that folks were regulars or just stopping by (no “howdy Jeb, what’s new, Sue?” that we heard.) We had a nice time, especially with mom.

We’re waffling (get it, “waffling”!) between a 3 and a 3.5. The food was 3.5 but the price was more like 2 and three quarters. Since mom was with us, it was that much better so we’re going to say 3.5. We’re pleased to give Nicki’s Omelette and Grill a 3.5 pancake rating.


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2 thoughts on “Nicki’s Omelette and Grill

  1. Denise Kelly

    Awwwww, always sweet to read when Mom goes too … Marek looked especially happy to have his girl with him. = ) Hope you three have a fabulous holiday weekend!


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