Backerei Keim im Schwaben Galerie

We visited Backerei Keim in the Schwaben Galerie in Vaihingen, just outside of Stuttgart, Germany on 9 September 2009. The Schwaben Galerie is a relatively new place in Vaihingen. We chose it as it was close to the train station and it had a place to sit down.


As our loyal readers may have noticed, Stuttgart is no where near Tampa! This Tampa Bay Breakfast was “on the road” as we were in Stuttgart for a week to visit friends and drink beer. Germany is not known for its pancakes, so we made the best of it with a bakery visit.


Marek was truly enjoying his visit to Germany, but he was not finding a lot of things he liked to eat. The typical bakery in Germany has a good assortment of sweets along with excellent coffee. We took a good look at the offerings.


Marek decided upon Quark Bällchen. They were on sale if you bought five. So that’s what we did. I had the cherry turnover. They were good!


We also had a coffee. Well, honestly, Marek had Tiger Juice. This was the juice that sustained him throughout the whole trip. Without Tiger Juice, we would have all perished!


But I had coffee, and it was very nice, indeed! Strong and black. Though not bottomless. This is a major flaw in Europe – you get a coffee, and you get only one. And it costs you a bunch of money, too. But it’s good enough that we just shut up and enjoy!


Our favorite guest reviewer, Mom, was with us on the trip, of course. And she joined us for breakfast (that’s “Frühstück” in the local lingo!).


She had a special treat, a really nice hot chocolate! I’m still not sure how it is that I can love a girl so much when she doesn’t like coffee. But being that this is her only flaw I think I’ll keep her.


When we were done, we got on the train and headed to the park!


We had a very nice little breakfast at the Keim bakery. The food was good but expensive (the dollar being what it is overseas these days) and the coffee was just right. While it wasn’t a “real” breakfast in the classic Tampa Bay Breakfasts way, it was a great time. We’re not going to give it a TBB rating because it was so far outside of our territory, but we still wanted to share the experience with our devoted readers.

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