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Do you have a favorite breakfast in the Tampa Bay area or just want to say “howdy”?  Please fill out the form or post a comment below. You can also send email to andy at, marek at, or ivo at

If you’re a restaurant owner and would like for us to visit specifically for us to do a review of your establishment, please let us know so we can make a special trip.  We’re not “mystery shoppers” trying to trip you up. We like a good breakfast. We’ll give you heads-up so we get your A-game the first time.

We’re on our way to get some pancakes.

32 thoughts on “Recommend your favorite Tampa Bay Breakfast

  1. Christine here’s the breakfast place on davis island we were telling you about… you could take the dog, too…if you were brave 🙂 Last time we were there, there was a Great Dane, a little fluffly breed, and a regular lab (we ate outside under what appeared to be a bicycle-streamer-plastic-trimmed umbrella)

    P.S. – that pic above is from Sweetwater Farmer’s Market, i bet!

  2. Cindy Seely

    I have been here several times for breakfast when I lived in Tampa, usually ordered take-out so I do not know much about the dine-in. The people have always been friendly and I looked forward to the coffee on my way to work. The second time that I stopped there (maybe 2-3 weeks after my first visit), the owner remembered who I was.

    Check it out and let me know what you think.

    “Jimbo’s Pit Bar-B-Que is family owned and operated, and has been for over 33 years. We enjoy making our customers happy. It’s a real pleasure. Our many years in business makes our service and food quality one of the best in all of the Bay area.”

  3. Chris n Elaine Meyer

    Very interesting website Andy!

    We’d like to suggest “The Brunchery” on S. MacDill Ave. – they offer a AAA discount! Good food, good service, homey decor – check it out. After Breakfast, you can always go for a walk on Bayshore Blvd!


  4. Andy

    Breakfasts I’ve noticed while driving around Central Tampa:

    4th of July Cafe

    Bahio in Sulfur Springs

    Nidias on Nebraska

  5. Zaha

    Andy, I got a place for u and Marek. Sandy’s homestyle cookin 9409 hwy 301 S. Riverview. 671 5260.

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  7. Pete

    17702 Gulf Blvd Redington Shores, Florida 33708 …
    Kenny’s Corner, just a block from my house. I luv the cakes. come on and getcha some. Then hang at the beach.


  8. Lisa Cantsay

    I think u and marek should visit the breakfast nook in lutz/land o lakes its located at the hwy 41 and dale mabry apex. nice tradition you have started with your son. good to see and have fun!!!!

  9. Grandma

    Hey Andy, The other day, Aunt Berta and Aunt Millie and I went to the Hickory Island Resturant in Inglis… We liked the place… When you are up this way, you and cutey petuty Marek will have to try this site…..I look forward to it every weekend…love, mom

  10. Jeff


    If in the Dunedin/Clearwater Area:
    Kelly’s, Downtown Dunedin
    Country Boy, Main Street Dunedin
    Pete’s Resturant, Mainstreet Dunedin
    Lenny’s Clearwater
    Georgie Boy’s, Misouri Ave., Clearwater
    Yanni’s (The French Toast King!), Highland Ave., Clearwater
    Highland Lanes Bowing Alley, Highland Ave., Clearwater


  11. admin

    Fan Dave from Brooksville writes, “Obviously you and Marek have become obsessed with pancake and eggs on the weekends. Let me recommend a stop – it is outside your preferred area, but is right on the way to Citrus County. It’s Farmer John’s – it’s on 50 & 98 as you come into Brooksville – best pancakes I have ever had!!!! We will even meet you for breakfast if you get the chance to find out what great pancakes are like.”

    (With a recommendation like that we’ll make a special trip, Dave!)

  12. Aunt Denn

    I would like to recommend Skidder’s on Gulf Blvd in St Pete. They have yummy yummy pancakes and corned beef hash as a side dish, which will be just enough for you and Marek to share!

  13. Don Hyde

    I have been told that my pancakes are pretty good. You should try them. All of the the tossing-of-the-food, and using a nifty custom 4-at-a-time-rolling-dispenser on the custom 6′ long pancake griddle adds to the ambience. We do private parties and events. Check out the web site!

    The Pancake Man of Tampa Bay

    -Don Hyde

  14. admin

    Fan Michael M writes:

    For your breakfast review two family owned locations that you might try out are:

    Grecian Island Restaurant
    223 E. Davis Blvd.
    Tampa, FL

    Clock Family Restaurant
    5317 Gall Blvd.
    Zephyrhills, FL

  15. Vanessa from Cappy's

    Oh! Here is the Recommendations Page? Whoopsie. Here’s my request: please review Ella’s in Seminole Heights. I hear they have a yummy brunch on Sundays, which I think counts under the breakfast category. Either way, I will be sure to stash away a pop for Marek for your next Cappy’s visit. See you soon!

  16. Fred

    Drove by “Smoke Barbeque & Grill” at the corner of Platt St. & N. Boulevard and saw a sign out front saying they had the best breakfast in Tampa… I haven’t been yet, but the menu looks good!

  17. Becky

    I just have to let you know I LOVE your website and will take your pancake ratings seriously as many of your ratings that I have reviewed thus far mirror my ratings too! I would like to recommend Anderson Road Cafe (on Anderson Road between Hills. Ave. and Sligh Ave.). It is not great on atmosphere but…….. the pancakes are to die for! It is a family owned place and has a lot of regulars.
    I wish you happy breakfast hunting!

  18. Brianna

    Ceviche in Hyde Park (on Howard) has a wonderful brunch on the weekends. Little Spanish flare… pancakes for little Marek…

    MUST GET THE Potatoes Bravas!!!!

  19. Chrisitne

    Pinky’s on Bay to Bay and Daily Eats on Howard – and thank you for this website. I explore the tampa area for breakfasts each sunday and this adds so many new places to my list.

  20. John Andrews


  21. Munch

    Munch’s Sundries & Restaurant
    3920 6th Street South, St Petersburg, FL 33705-3818
    Totally local, lots of random menu items

  22. andy Post author

    From TBB Fan Kathy: I went to this little Mom & Pop restaurant in in Lake Wales called “Vinnie’s Smoke-N-Grill BBQ.” They do breakfasts, too. Probably 4 booths, a 4-top round table, and about 6 2-tops. Anyhow, my mother-in-law INSISTED we go since I love pancakes so much. No joke… this pancake was the size of a dinner platter. HUGE. And it was over an inch thick. They serve it with syrup and already-melted-butter so that the butter doesn’t make your pancake cold. I didn’t even finish HALF of it. I’ll tag you when I upload the picture. It was REALLY good. The single pancake is $1.75. They also do a 3-stack for $4.75. They’ll pay your whole bill if you eat the stack by yourself and finish it.

  23. Sheryl

    I really love Pinky’s Diner for breakfast (and lunch). Everything is homemade there and just soooo good. And the place is very retro—I love it.


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