Nicko’s on North Florida

We visited Nicko’s restaurant at 4603 N Florida Ave on April 25th. Breakfast is very reasonably priced, especially the weekend special of pancakes, eggs, and bacon for under six bucks. That’s what we get when we visit. We’ve been to Nicko’s at least half a dozen times.


We had breakfast. The pancakes were very good. The eggs were just right. The bacon was good. The coffee was perfect diner-style, hot, bitter, and black.


Nicko’s place was visited by Elvis in 1956. No kidding. This is so cool. You don’t even have to like Elvis to dig this.


Every time we’ve ever visited Nicko’s, The Elvis Booth has been taken. Not today! We got to sit at the booth and check out the little sign on the wall.


The people at Nicko’s are always friendly. The place is full of regulars and folks know each others’ names. There’s also a lunch counter, which is simply a great way to have a meal. We’ll be sitting at the counter when Marek gets older.


When we were done, Marek paid the bill.


He made some friends and enjoyed himself. He was a little sad that no one knows our names yet. I think once we’re established as regulars (and if they add blueberry pancakes to the menu) then we’ll have to give Nicko’s our highest rating of all. This is simply a great place.


We give this Tampa Bay Breakfast a rating of 4.5 pancakes.


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