The Three Coins

We got in the car to go have some breakfast. I figured we might have pancakes. Marek consulted the official Tampa Bay Breakfast to-do roster.


Based on Marek’s recommendation, we revisited The Three Coins on 4 July 2010. We’ve been to the Three Coins bunches of times and always love it. Our last official visit was 30 May 2009. It’s a busy life, being Tampa Bay’s Premier Pancake Posse. It takes a while for us to get back to some of our favorite places.


First thing you see when you walk up to the door is a memorial to the Tampa Police Department. We’ve had some tragedy at the TPD this week; the whole town, Tampa Bay Breakfasts included, is with the TPD. The Three Coins is always full of Tampa’s Finest. If the chow’s good enough for the cops, it’s good enough for us!


Inside is warm and cozy. This is a 24-hour operation, so you know they’ve got round-the-clock skills for making people comfortable. You find all types in the Three Coins, a healthy group of regulars and a crew of really friendly staff. It’s been over a year since we’ve been here, and it feels like just last week. That’s a good vibe for a breakfast joint.


The menu has everything you’d expect out of a quality diner. No real surprises here, like catfish or pig brains, just good, old-fashioned breakfast.


The following fact will no doubt shock and amaze our regular readers, but we had coffee. And it was Just Right, not too cold and not too hot, and it kept on comin’. Marek’s three now and a little hyper, so I’m considering switching him to decaf.


Today’s guest reviewer was Marsha. She’s the race marshal at Silverhatch Racetrack. This morning she’s helping up set up a race between a BMW 5 series, an old-timer firetruck, and a wicked 69 Impala. My money’s on the Hebby Chebby.


Watch out, Marsha! An enormous GodzillaMarek is behind you!


Marsha was saved by the bell. In this case, the Breakfast Bell. Lookit them pancakes, bubba!


Marek had all kinds of pancakes and bacon. The eggs were fabulous. The pancakes were better than I remember. The bacon was Marek-munchable, but Steve wouldn’t have liked it.


When the bill came, Marek jumped right up to the task.


He got the change, but no pop. Last year when we reviewed the Three Coins there were lollipops. Probably a sign of the economy and everyone cutting back.


So we spent about 11 dollars, which is the new standard price for breakfast if you look back through the last few months.


The food was really, really good. The people are very friendly. The coffee is hot, black, and always full. 24-hour mom-n-pop pancake shack full of cops and all sorts of interesting people. There’s nothing not to love about the Three Coins. It’s one of our favorite places in Tampa. Savvy Levy County readers may appreciate my “Our Pub” t-shirt. Our Pub doesn’t have breakfast, but it does have the distinction of being the only place I’ve ever seen a “screwdriver” made with Tang. And it’s burned down more than once over the years.


We’re pleased to confirm The Three Coins as a Tampa Bay Breakfasts four and a half pancake rating.


3 thoughts on “The Three Coins

  1. Denise

    After such a sad week in Tampa, it was really nice to see the black band over the badge in the window. I love a place who has respect for our fallen hero’s. Thanks for sharing Andy & Marek, another fabulous review by the Dynamic~Duo!


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