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We visited Angie’s Grill at 725 Cleveland Street in Clearwater on 10 July 2010. This was our first visit to Angie’s. They have a nice little web site at And we had Arthur join us as a guest reviewer!


And, of course, Marek and Andy were on the scene to pursue pancake promises!


Inside we found a nice, cozy little place with a wrap-around counter. I’m thinking me and Marek might have to get brave in the next couple months and try sitting up high like this. It will likely end in disaster.


We didn’t really get to overhear much chatter, so it’s hard to tell if the clientele are regulars or tourists, but judging books by the covers I’d say a mix of both. Everyone seemed friendly enough. The menu was extensive. Angie’s is a place that Takes Breakfast Seriously. We like that in a mom-n-pop pancake shop.


Of course, we had to get coffee right away. Angie’s is miles and miles from the International Headquarters of Tampa Bay Breakfasts, so we were pretty much in need of the hot coffee dose. Note the cute upholstery on the booth seat.


Do you think Arthur is up for a game of cars? CARRRRS ARFUR LETS GO!


If you were gazing calmly at a breakfast menu, thinking that maybe biscuits and gravy sounds nice this morning, would you be intimidated to look up and see this across the table from you?


Marek hollered, “Stop the derby! We need more coffee!”


After a good swig of that good ole Diner Draft, motor oil in a pot, strong, black, and bitter, Marek was ready for more cars.


Arthur was good, but Marek remains the king of this game. Pretty much because he’s taken to telling you the rules and then telling you you’re doing it wrong whenever you touch anything.


In case you’re wondering where Arthur came from, he’s been a TBB fan for years, and he used to be a cartoon character.


After discussing cars and virtual worlds, we were greeted with breakfast. Check out my awesome “Breakfast Club” t-shirt, featuring Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle, and Pop, and the Sugar Smacks frog. I am in high style this morning! Thank you, Favorite Guest Reviewer Mom for the present!


Marek did his syrup thing. Years from now he will be running for public office and some reporter is going to ask him, “So, Gubernatorial Candidate Seely, is it true that you have a ‘Syrup Thing’?” He will, obviously, have to answer, “yes, yes it is.”


Arthur went with the biscuits and gravy. Here’s a picture of him explaining to Marek that these are biscuits and gravy.


Good eggs. Good bacon. Good pancakes. Arthur likes the biscuits and gravy. It’s all good, brothers and sisters! Three full bellies for under 15 samoleans. That’s not bad at all.


Marek suggested that he might be willing to pay the bill.


And off we went. We had a fine time at Angie’s.


This was a good, solid Tampa Bay Breakfast. Nice price, good food, nice people. Not a thing to complain about on this fine morning! We’re pleased to give Angie’s Grill a Tampa Bay Breakfast four pancake rating.


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So what happened next? I dropped Marek and Arthur off and their respective houses and then got on a plane to Den Haag. Note the t-shirt and need of a shave.


Holland had World Cup Fever! How can you not love this guy?


But, alas, despite the vigorous support of Tampa Bay Breakfasts, Holland succumbed to Spain in the final moments.

On my next visit Marek’s coming with me. We’ll do some Den Haag Ontbijt!


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  1. Grandma

    you know Andy… I remember how great it was that Dad took you to work with him…. but you have gone way beyond that… I hope that Milo will be able to experience all of this too… It is good…. to spend time with Dad….


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